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I was just told that I should not say the word Chipko by somebody tweeted me saying that even though his father called him the big Jeff Powell I guess that is only for gypsies two years now my name's Patrick McAfee though okay my ancestors were Irish gypsies so I if you go through this semen down down down I have gypsy heritage so whoever tweeted me that I would like for you not to tweet that word because you are not a joke I am a chip so enough with that also eighty dollars is how much he's got papers to read so if you would like us to read something for eighty dollars on the show please tweet at viva la zero we can just build this entire show that eighty dollar reads and hopefully be able to keep these lights on at some point just found out this morning just found out this morning wild world this radio business also wild world is this kid's life now if you didn't see this this weekend Montana state captivated the world whenever a kid named Joe Thompson one on the court in this is how it ended we've got some no sound at all one thing what happened there anyways Joe Thompson hits a layup a free throw a three pointer a half court shot and then caps it off with a full court shot then give a shout out to Kobe Bryant ladies and gentlemen joining us now from Montana state the man to talk to his T. shirt in there was James and gave a he or a Levin thousand Montana state greatness Joe talked with the guys that you doing Joe okay big question how did you get picked for this contest what was this contest and did you have any clue that any of these balls are going to go in the hole no so the contest is it I go to all the games and when the guys from the spa cats properties like a want to do and it's like yeah that sounds fun I think I could do that okay I mean I I thought playing basketball in eighth grade in two weeks like I shot one shot two weeks ago and that was it okay so the grass is the contest one that happens at the arena often or is just like the first time it's been done for me it's been done for six years and it's every man's game and I'm the first person to make the full court okay so you have to make a lay up first yep then a free throw nailed it three point yes the first one okay may the second did you practice and Swisher what was it I don't remember opening today okay then you make the half court one first try first trust wish all so that place had to be sold electric by the time he got back to the full part is it's all in a minute has to happen yes said sixty seconds to do it and I knocked out the first four and fifteen seconds okay so here we go now we're back at the full court how many balls around the port for you to potentially run through I had three court three balls on the court okay and like a stream of people just relaying them back to me I think I made on my fourth or fifth shot your first one your first one how far off was hello is so bad even make it to the three point line also it was there any chance of that was thought it don't like there's no chances going energy you feel like you know what I think I can make this thing okay so I drink the half court okay crestor thin out there cheering okay you everyone's in it everyone's like okay he has a chance through the first one and I was like I never mind this everyone's energy levels he doesn't have a leg is still sort of concession stand but and then the second one a little better third one right on target not hard enough and then I need nailed it okay did you have the Kobe Bryant celebration log in your brain for that moment or is that just natural this is something that Kobe would do he deserves this respect or is that just something that kind of candy at the spur of the moment that's something natural for I think what our whole generation yup hello everyone if you if you make a half court shot that you still think you help you make a full or shots like that that's so natural I wanna let you know I think I would've reacted much differently than you I you're very like calm I was like you were much calmer than I think I would have been if I would just hit a free throw a layup free throw three pointer half court shot before I would've lost my dad I would jump up on the scorer's table you're very professional do the whole thing yes yes some like the comments on all the videos their whole lives are like roasting me on the table a lot this do probably owns goats do you do you goats now but I've seen him a lot of people said I saw whenever I tweeted out the video about seventy five percent comments were if you were to close your eyes and picture what a kid from Montana state would look like well that's exactly what it looks like I don't think that some to be scared of I am in the works for me what's your major over there I studied film production really Montana's doesn't hiring interns yeah we are I mean especially one second drain full court shot under fourth attempt I would love that all right yes you are you throwing your resume Hey respect you are desirous may do it usually you make content that gets millions of views it is all over the place that's what you do it has more views than the state of Montana thank they give everyone can watch the video two times and then it's like all the Alzheimer's patients like all the two month old did you only when eleven thousand dollars that was a lot of people's thoughts was it was only eleven thousand dollars yep eleven thousand I mean I'm happy with that my car broke down in December so like that helps walking everywhere don't you think you should go to school or are you on scholarship party I'm not now are we think here hold on Joe this is the camera here Montana state listen I understand that the bobcats are very proud institution I I understand that over there and Big Sky country there's a lot of opportunity for people to do a lot of things but to be completely honest I knew of the Montana Grizzlies okay I've known of the Montana brewers that represent the university of Montana I had no idea there was a Montana state until this man Joe Thompson stepped up wearing jeans and a tucked in T. shirt this film production major your university on the map like no human in the history of bobcat Montana state basketball he should be on scholarship he should maybe be athletic director and I think all these other titles are things that Joe Thomas would relish or Joe Thompson would relish I love that I would totally take that sounds like a good time I would be all about what did you do afterwards to celebrate this whole thing oh my god I don't remember I blacked out now for a bit and edges to while everyone recognizes me people are saying that's the guy who one is as is do you always talk to shorten your genes yeah professional always always yeah well I want you to have boots on that that was yeah you know books though is that because you're in the contest or is that the standard it's too icy outside it's too slippery got you I heard of just began so you can't really even go on a victory lap right now because everything's fine I I just did a photo shoot in my four piece denim suit I'll send you the photos there you know all that denim this gets great joy I wanna let you know we're very proud of you we're very thankful you came on and if you don't get a scholarship I am never gonna talk about Montana state ever again well meant and I thank you I love how you have a plan to be left shoulder huge fan Hey at your library that's what we do Joe you know I could never do is drain a full court shot with what thirteen thousand people I'm not price seven thousand people watching how many people are there full stadium sixty five hundred it was the biggest game of the season rivalry game most back he'll be all season we have in front of everyone what year are you it I'm a senior all the way to go well ladies and gentlemen absolute legend Montana state bobcats Joe Thompson thank you thank you for having me have a good I can't wait to work here yeah I'll be there soon I think that new car you can buy for less than ten grand hi they should give the kid a scholarship because you're right because they will like that come to Montana state like montage that they used to get the incoming students will be using that yes two years absolutely give the kid a smaller ship Joe Thomas is given everything he's had to the Montana state bobcats for the last three years let's give the guidance office that oppressive impressive feat I've seen those things before at game's halftime where you eat the layup free throw three pointer half court full court usually it's like fifty grand a hundred grand as good as it is so unlikely for somebody to hit all those this kid was just unconscious with the basketball I absolutely love it I love ingrained in Montana is like a hundred grand it is it is basically the same thank you easier but I think that is why he didn't go nuts like I can go like buy a happy meal from McDonald's after this like usually you're winning a million Bucks if you make that she's I am happy for that I don't know it's going to be him but we only have like twenty followers whatever their bunch of his friends were like at your brother Joe I think his day your brother Joe you are brother John right is what is making I wish we would certainly like to go on the part that your brother Joe and I was like yeah let's do it and he was like I deal with DM each other is only like twenty five followers or something like that is only following I tend to have a Montana I thought was a fake account though hello good cat fished out of a good to yeah whenever you create a first of all a photo yeah he's awesome dude I'm a big fan that Joe Thompson get wanna make two and then a shout out to Kobe directly afterwards I think that story alongside this damn Bonita Dr Loria who's who didn't start but ended up playing for the Carolina hurricanes against the Toronto Maple Leafs after being an employee for the Toronto Maple Leafs is maybe the top two stories of the weekend even with Tyson fury knocking out Deontay Wilder that's M. Boney story this is about a story is a thing right out of a movie I had no idea that this is possible by the way so next year the hockey guy that's hockey talks podcast you host with AQ Shipley of pretty good podcast the conversation about hockey hockey doesn't get talked about often and last for instance as Sam bony driver ends up as a goalie in the NHL which is exactly what happened with David airs this weekend how what are the rules on this because a lot of people question so every home team designates what we call the emergency backup goalie it's usually like a team employee who used to play in college played some level of pretty good hockey this guy played the past but right now he's a beer league goalie Zamboni driver for least minor league affiliate the Marlies and he I guess he sits up in practice from time to time takes a couple shots and he ended up being after both goals for the hurricanes got injured you took offense to the second goalie got plowed I believe he was about seventy yards outside of his race got ran over ventures part of the Revengers he's out in Tom's is Sam bounty driver who said he didn't even know that the other goalie got hurt he was you sitting in a back room waiting to get on that Zamboni and all the studies are getting texts from his friends it was like Europe Paul any goes in first two shots the CZ Watson okay first two shots the CZ Watson told Brenda Moore from the Carolina hurricanes has a hole where its response on the benches head down he's got a one of them broken hockey knows is his head down hands on face all my god what the hell is happening and then David Ayer's Zamboni driver extraordinaire playing goalie for the Carolina hurricanes against his own employer has an eight for eight save percentage in the third period dieting the Carolina hurricanes so when becoming one of the I think is the third star second star star star star star the weekend gets a bunch of sticks out from everybody water being spilled all over him in the locker room he is now officially an undefeated NFL NHL goalie his last time playing you want an eight one of the lower values want to.

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