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For thundershowers thursday friday with loaded mid80s pipes scott lawrimore the weather channel news eleven ten 993 wbt and most of the river tracking is south of the city little bit in the city but the heavy snow coming up on the radar our thunderstorms that's all law mostly in south carolina right now seventy one degrees of rain in rock hailed seventy three in huntersville tropicalstorm sindhis formed in gulf mexico's threatening to spread heavy rain across wide area of the central gulf coast meteorologist melissa griffin his tracking the store hasn't actually approached the gulf coast yet but some of the outer bands are we don't think it's going to strengthen she much more were not expecting it to you i'm going to a hurricane status or anything like that by the main problem in our main concern with this storm looks like it's going to be the heavy rain forecasters say sunday expected to reach the louisiana or texaco sometime tomorrow blazers are reaching out for any public help in solving charlotte's forty third hamas side of the year sunday afternoons broad daylight shooting death of twenty one year old zachary finch at a why sided parliament complex family members including ventures brother nicholas attended a cmpd news conference this afternoon hasn't acts by know that charlottemecklenburg police department is working sunni hearts to try to see who did this and any one with information act i beg you to please come forward there are reports the kentucky college student in baseball player was shot in the back while fleeing robbery during was supposed to be a cellphone sale arranged earlier through perhaps an app let go were craigslist police though not confirm those details but did issue a warning today to be especially cautious when using apps oversight slide craig lifted by to buy and sell merchandise the cramerton man accused.

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