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Happened rob. We were very angry here. One year about the frigging upside that Bananas Milk Milk Akiva. What's getting through here? Same One more time please Jenny. Two guys with different strokes and we're the kings of things things that don't matter. I mean these are both fine I can punch up the strokes one. A little bit You guys with different strokes. I don't know what is that. Mean though when would we say. Hey It's a rob Akiva coming to you live on a Tuesday afternoon. We're just two guys. You've gotta is with different strokes. You guys want stroke Sunday Mail I don't know I don't know what's the other one where the kings the things that don't matter that should be the t shirt what's the other one asking the host. Like what was the first. I'd say just to advance where the kings and things. We are the kings of things that that don't matter it's fine grandma catchphrase. No all right took the t shirt either last one of this round we've got who've asking for this That's a good one. Verse is in this economy. So both questions Inquisitive catchphrases. That's a funny shirt by just question. Mark like open quotes in this economy. You're on context. Otherwise no context zero context in this economy. You get a lot of people. Ask You about that Yeah that have like a stock market on it. Like it's like Jack. Yeah Oh that would be funny if it's like the Nasdaq and this is the Nasdaq shooting shooting up but it's in. This is the Nasdaq Stock Exchanges. It's the funniest name I thank. Yeah all right so in this guy who's versus asking for this. This is so stupid. Yes I feel like that. WHO's asked this is too similar to? This is very similar unless you like it. Better little watered down version of of of This stupid so I say advancing this economy whole if I win this tournament. I'm really chuffed.

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