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It is what it is, by the way. Clay Helton is sixth. On the all time Pac 12 list winning percentage. Clay Helton. He's the think about USC coach to ever have to 10 win seasons in a row. Yeah, like his first two years, So yeah. Here. The other the other ones on that list in order number one Alzheimer's Pete Carroll. Pretty good success. Henry Sanders. He was a la right John McKay, USC legend. Our own. Andy Smith, speaking of legendary and again the name of pop Warner. I know him. I went to school. I went to Pop Warner women, two different schools together. Yeah. Um, so five of the top nine in the Pac 12 list are from USC. Not that surprising, but the fact that Clay Helton's number six is on there. These are there. Yeah. All right. We got a game in a couple of games in progress. You got us. CRS should say Oregon state. In West Lafayette, taking on Purdue and produce leading that ballgame 13 to 7 in the third quarter, the quarterback for Oregon State Is Sam Neuer. Sam Neuer was the quarterback at Colorado. He's in Oregon. E went to Colorado played safety and his first team, especially they didn't play and then was second team All league last year as a quarterback and transfers out, Yeah. Two Oregon State, So they're down by six late in the third quarter in Seattle, the Huskies taking on Montana. The Huskies offense hasn't shown up yet. They scored early 7 to 3 at the half right now, so Jimmy Lake As first of all, he's not lost The game as head coach at Washington is four and oh, And he's not played a game that was not contested at Husky Stadium. They played all four their games last year, that Husky State at Husky Stadium Now once again, and once again they do it again. So interesting for Jimmy Lake and Huskies. You see LA And LSU. It's the big one. As far as the Pac 12 is concerned. Non CONFERENCE game today 77 u. C. L A and LSU. A lot of people thought. Well, you say they beat Hawaii last week. Hawaii. Not that good under Todd Graham. But LSU would be the real test. Well, so far. The strength of that U C. L A team has been their defense. I mean, they got all after last week, and they're playing pretty well again today. They looked good last week in that opener against Hawaii there, you know, I got nice running back to in chardonnay like that Dude can roll from Michigan Transfer comes in. He is a very good running back so I'm pretty impressed with useless so far this game will It'll show you where they're at athletically. LSD was awful in their first game last year, they lost the Mississippi State. I don't know how if Ed Orgeron gets that team going early if he doesn't have that national championship caliber team, right, so We'll see. They travel out here. I don't know what this is going to tell us about your cell. Except they can go ahead to have with a big opponent. I'll say this kind of overall Pac 12 view for me from what I've seen in the first week. Jaden Daniels is for real. This year, My jury was out on Jane Daniels because he was he was not a great decision maker. That first game wasn't a great opponent. But his decision making was very, very good. He was crisp. He looked very clean. Based on what's going on Arizona State. I'm guessing this is going to be his last year in the conference, so enjoying while he's here. Because there's going to be some issues going on down there after the season's over. He is really good. UCL has a running back and a defensive line. That means is going to be very good this year so they can be something SC. Jury's out right there pick to win this whole thing because here's Alabama goes and beats Miami 44 to 7, I think today That's what a team who is in that national championship picture does Good opponent. Bad opponent doesn't matter S C win 32 7, but they didn't do it very impressively, Oregon Barely squeaks went out past Fresno ST. Fresno State's good Are they better than Miami? I don't think so. And Oregon very barely gets past Fresno State is the Pac 12 ready to compete the national level? Don't know. Right now. Alabama is the epitome of what you do in your first game. If you're playing an opponent that shouldn't be on the field with you, right. The Pac 12 hasn't done that. And so that's my take on the Pac 12 right now. I'm really interested in seeing what cow does here today. They got a good opponent. Think it's an opponent they can handle, but I'm really interested in seeing what happens tonight. A couple of all games later on tonight, BYU and Arizona going at a jet fish his first game as head coach of the Wildcats, he's already brought in 17. FBS transfers to upgrade that depleted roster and Washington state posting. Utah ST Nick Rolovich has made more news. With the vaccine. No vaccine. Am I taking it? Am I going to say anything about it? I mean, that's become a national story now what he's doing because it's mandated at all. State of Washington. I believe employees, certainly Washington.

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