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No match reached the seventeenth hole team PTI on if that momentum continues. So I play golf. I'm not any good by play a lot of golf, and it never matters. Whatever I do on one day. It does not matter at all going in to the next day. It's as Earl Weaver says momentum is your next day. None of that stuff matters because if it mattered, then what why didn't the United States have momentum into the afternoon? When they won three one in the morning because it actually doesn't matter the thing that surprised me in the afternoon. What's why you would put Phil Mickelson out there in alternate-shot when he's very likely to hit his drive into the water. Phil Mickelson has to play homeboy. He can't play your boat doesn't work. I think that has a lot to do. And I think Jim furic. He's the guy that you have to look at because already people are calling for Phil Mickelson to be benched, so wisely and terrible. Afternoon show you want to put them out there. I get that. But why not put Brooks kept out there? Who's won two majors ahead of ahead of Phil Mickelson one five total before this and fills a far bigger draw, and it's a television show. And if you take fill the Paris, and you don't play, and why did you take if you look at the Americans? So off the tee the not as accurate as Europeans per capita. He's the guy that can drive the ball. There are that's one opening match. There are people who whose careers are made. By the Ryder Cup in poultry great Ryder Cup player. Sergio Garcia's a great Ryder Cup player. It's possible. To Fleetwood Molinaro will become great Ryder Cup players. We don't have those yet. Because the Ryder Cup for us is fun. It's a nice thing to do. It's an exhibition. Everybody has a good time. But are Americans don't evaluate golfers. In terms of the Ryder Cup. Tiger Woods dropped his Ryder Cup record thirteen eighteen and three he with the latest from the Ryder Cup with Mark Robins providing live updates at the top.

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