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Lisa Carroll is a DJ KCRW in Santa Monica California she joins us once again have a leader hi Jeremy thanks so much for having me it's great to have you and was there anything on your mind when you're picking out the songs you have brought us today I wanted to pick the songs that really spoke to me in this moment now just to stay true to the nature of the show but there's so much incredible music and honestly I had a really hard time picking I wish this was a top twenty here enough well what about the first one he brought us because we just had this artist on the air this is tame impala the the artist behind impala's Kevin Parker and this song is called contract so again we just talked to Kevin Parker people can find that interview right here and now dot org this is from the new album the slow rush why this one would you like about the sun well a couple of things I am both eternal procrastinator and eternal optimist in his liner notes Kevin talks about this on being for the term optimist and I was like you know what it's also for me because I just have this thing that everything's going to happen one way or another and eventually it does but just some things take a lot longer than possible but as long as you're doing what you're meant to be doing it's okay we veer off a little bit of course so that really spoke to me why do you think tame impala's having such a moment right now well I think the album it is one of the most beautiful recordings to date and a lot of people are saying that it is probably their best one so far it just shows how far Kevin has come as a songwriter and the musical landscape he's able to create and how deep he really delves deep into the psyche and there's a song about.

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