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Wanna talk about anything you need to get off your chest Let's you know. I've become kind of this has been kinda thing on my podcast but I'd like to talk about shark tank. Okay good i'm man. I watch shark literally. Yeah i've watched over the pandemic Probably two hundred episodes of shark tank My girlfriend shot up alicia We just We'll watch all seasons new seasons six seven eight in a row sometimes and so much that i've gone like in their heads. I think you know what i mean. And i know this amount of damon john of fu one of my favorite sharks When he's on there he started doing this thing during one season I think it was season seven where he would like almost do like a little rhyme or like it was like a like a nursery rhyme and then say for those reasons. I'm out like he'd be like hickory. Dick doc for those reasons. I'm out and i'm like i can't believe that. They realize he's doing this telling. This is fine to do crazy white guilt white guilt acts just let damon duty does correct correct. They'll think we're racist confining Every friday on his instagram page. He'll he'll sends out like a check in and he'll actually answer what i'm on it. I will go to damage. John's instagram and fucking asked him a question and he answers like it might not be like right when you put it in there. But during the day he will answer your question. I'm like why was there without one-season relax jack and jill. Those reasons tripping talk about short time. Yeah that's that's the one thing. I noticed about shark tank because we watch it on. Hulu so the splash screen as a screen. Grab from season. One and robert r chevette. He's got the he looks and he's looks super young and he has age no one else. No other shark has age. I know i know the exact screener time. Average robert hershovitz handsome ass looking like a young man and then it goes into h. o. Everybody else is exactly the same. The ladies look the same the same robert aged like he's the president of the united states got new makeup artist for him every time. The shark tank same comes on a my girlfriend. I look each other. Be robert hirsch avec son of an immigrant factor because he say that everyone rumours smack son of an immigrant factory worker and look how far. He's come but you know he's poor. He's poor compared to the other sharks Mark cuban is shits on the rest of the shark as far as as sometimes the dude from kind bars. And he's almost as rich as mark cuban but he's about a billion offs. Yeah they have the the guests. Every now and then alex rodriguez. And i'm like fuck that piker and he's like he's literally lay sheets in the history of professional sports cancelled at all. This is always there fucking baby wipes ask he has a real estate deal is going to catch up with him so i'm sure if he doesn't i would be shocked. Listen one thing they'll always catch up to. You is somewhere where you fudge something with you. Real estate he has he has a real estate deal. Did i read about with somebody. They go up with him. So i mean look how bad things got for trump. Oh wait wait nothing. We lost new jack this past week. Professional wrestler jerome young also known as new. Jack came to fame and e c w he died at fifty eight of a heart attack. His family announced that if you have not seen dark side of the ring with new jack that is must must watch tv. Because he's crazy and not like oh he's no he will cut you. He's crazy terrifying. Yeah absolutely terrifying the incidents that dude hat in the ring. So he perceived he was slighted in the ring ones and nearly killed the dude next time like splitter because there's a lot of talk and professional whereas oh we're having a street fight. It's a street fight. No no no new jack. It was a street fight and he was like i mean he would take a fork in there and just taking a fork to the dumb. Did i know this is gonna hurt worse than we talked about. Oh my god. It's the worst thing i've seen since until i saw the latest dark side of the ring with the guy who is the king of the death match with with nick gage Cutting people opened with a pizza cutter the pizza cutter and there at what he did to david arquette. Oh my god. Killed him hoping artery in his neck. Who was the due to get killed in puerto rico. Brazil rosie. That do was create. Oh yeah you know and they. They covered brazil roading on the dark side of the first one. Some of those are the most captivating hours of television. Some of them are there hidden mess but man when you get a good one. They're really fucking good. Yeah those those guys have done a really great job and they're just starting to really understand how to do it right and get everything squared away and talk to people. It's too it's just to wrestling fans from canada. And they've been able to swing this whole thing and make it happen and the bruiser brody one was really their demo that they went our spec pilot. Yeah because they were trying to sell the idea. No one would buy the idea now like well fuck it. We'll just go and make it. And the the bruiser brody abdul the butcher him. Yeah abdullah the butcher. If you can find a picture of him he knew jack same forehead guys abdulahat light some serious depiction and his head. Yeah and i'm looking at the The tmz into always him and bruiser brody always melody. dusty rhodes becca the. They used to be like that crimson mask and it would bleed. He's about to fucking love. Dusty rhodes when i was a kid. Oh oh god. I want my face i. I didn't because unfortunately by the time. I get to see dusty rhodes because we didn't have cable. He was wearing the yellow polka dots in wwf. And i'm like who's this fucking cloud. That's only dusty rhodes. Yeah so did him dirty him dirty old man. Oh god dusty. Back in the day was mad. The four horsemen. Yeah of hard times from out of us. What rick layers as his suits. There was a brief period. Where one of my friends had like. There was penthouse magazine's but he also had these wrestling magazines. He wasn't supposed to have that. Were hella bloody kids in jail now. But i just remember like i remember dusty rhodes being in there so i knew that he must have been like a bad ass but yeah when i what i saw was kinda corny that every was bad that that i'm glad i didn't see that. Oh man that's the in the It was before the nwa Gordon solely gordon. Who's in florida champs royce. Yeah that was there. Yeah he cut this hard times trauma if you're out there and you haven't seen it. It's on youtube but you know it's one of the best wrestling promise of all time you know he's like my belly's a little big miami's little big but i'm bad baby and they know how bad that. What the fuck that was inspirational. Somebody with his blonde for this. The american dream dusty roads and dusty fans your back man.

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