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Offering cow Kuzina. Lonzo ball Brandon Ingram zoo, botch, Andhra fix and capital of like, nobody would not offering a Herschel Walker trade, we're not complete and total buffoons. Like, that's Anthony. Davis is a great player. He's not worth our entire roster. The positives within our roster outside of LeBron James. But it was their reaction to his unprofessionalism was them being unprofessional and poisoning the well of the Lakers. And now we're left with the pelicans being a dumpster fire. The Lakers being right now on the outside of the playoffs. Looking in Luke Walton struggling to keep his job where Jeannie has to come out and say, you know, leak as an unnamed source that Luke's gonna stay and we got a mess on her hands. And I'm asking you Bill Plachy, how do you fix it you fix it by LeBron James stepping up and being LeBron James? This is what I've written everyone. We've talked about this earlier this week. I've written the column about this whole thing can be fixed if the Lakers can act like the Lakers. Lebron James can do what he's supposed to do what he came here to do. He gets him in the playoffs. Then everything everything out here is calmed down. Anthony davis. Then the pelicans do not play him. He should not play the rest of the year. The leaves should give him a pass on that. It's so much of a mess. It is a dumpster fire. Get him out of that fire. Sit him down the rest of the year. Then they're probably trained to Boston in the summer. There's no way they're training in the Lakers. Now, there's no way Lakers are gonna ever get Dante Davis. No way bliss second. Anthony Davis is dad said he never ever play for the south six because leading now that was a another Rich Paul, of course. You. Paul comprise the whole thing. Chris Broussard saying LeBron James could play if it was the play offs. Who was it from from ESPN who said LeBron James would his you know, what I knew LeBron James is a love the the impact with his team has had on him. But I'm just sick of the way, he's behaved on the court for the Lakers. And I think Laker fans are to all right. We'll get we'll get to that. Plus news on the con- cabinet funny. Like, really, yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Really news on the Colin Kaepernick front con camper. Nick apparently was offered a chance to play football. And wait to hear what his ask salary. Wise was will we see Colin Kaepernick play football. You won't believe the price tag next. If you're over thirty five you're enzyme levels have already begun to decline. Enzymes are the workhorses of digestion, they break your food down..

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