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Take down the jets three to one you're listening to 7 20 WGN Four games in the NHL tonight in the black hawks being one of them we'll get to those in just a little bit I wanted to catch you up to date on a few things of hockey note over the day Ottawa was forward Austin Watson was suspended a couple of games for interference on Boston's Jack ashan but also Jack eichel is expected to make his debut against the Vegas golden knights or rather for the Vegas golden knights on Wednesday That'll be the first game for him in a Vegas golden knights uniform We were talking about the Olympics too and so much talk about Jeremy collaton being let go the last time the black hawks were in Winnipeg it happened the following nights Of course Jeremy collaton is now part of the coaching staff of the team Canada in the Olympics and he was supposed to be the head coach filling in for Claude Julian who was advised not to travel over to Beijing after fracturing his ribs and I believe collagen was the head coach for the first game but then Claude Julian was cleared to travel So he was going to take over retake that title as head coach of team Canada and Jeremy Colton continued as an assistant head coach but of course the Olympics going on right now in Beijing and team Canada will play China and the men's qualification playoff coming up next the Team USA will have off until the quarter final I believe and also the women's U.S. hockey team will play Canada Wednesday night for the gold medal game That'll be a fun one as well And that'll be Wednesday night at 11 11 eastern times 10 o'clock central time So with the Blackhawks being off perfect opportunity to Chiron Team USA as they take on team Canada for the gold medal game We talked about three other games going on in the NHL tonight and let's start in Minnesota who took on the Detroit red wings.

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