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Two hundred and thirty dollars for the more breakfast friendly order but apparently he was a still sat well as not i same thing he later asked for a full refund for the two hundred big macs and two hundred large orders of fries ono heat foot he and two hundred big macs into a which he'd never ort he was clearly not in his right mind was hush like as he vegan what's he ask and for all that mr olsson who uh uh yawn ron i'm attending alcoholics anonymous he he was banned from driving through the drive through at mcdonald's for nine months boehner candidate number one picture up yeah on now i'm curious you're just in general i wonder if you just showed up at a mcdonald's and said i need to hundred big macs would they be able to do that uh and how long would it take uh they would i think they would uh i'm a i'm under the impression that they would try to fulfill your order now they might say we can do that but it will take us as amount of time will you please comeback amac an hour in an answer those one and we can i think they if a if they could do that i wonder i think going in and try it no i mean i get the milli with two hundred behind mighty an interesting experiment how much would two hundred big macs her or go to burger king or wherever yeah whatever you want i mean i know they've got that system down you know they can they can bring up a big mac and nothing fly work the drive through at the end of down there at the uh traverse mountain mcdonald's those people are great it is so automated back there the drinks they're just wake on a conveyor belt and when the order is pushed on the roma what dogs i call it a cash register screened the screen when the two ordertaker push islamist greet the brakes pop its it just allies swan economy comes up it's amazing is just a maze all right all right we'll get to the news we got boehner candidate number three coming up in just a minute uh that is uh what's the worst name i can give my wifi it's a good with them but news now is brought to you by pastor games they have the best selection of the latest board games magic the gathering you the dragons and more it's a great place to stay in play remember hastert has it located at sixty eight thirty one south state and online at hastert games.

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