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Guardian mixed breed dog she's pure knees at newfoundland and as i was working with her socializing her in my downtown location in behavior center in all these restaurants in cars and things like that one of the things that i found was that she yes in it is classic yep that's kind of guardian the critical style socialization was a little bit on period the reserved for dogs side now it's not and and a little now more she cautious has no discomfort than or fear around say strangers a golden retriever she just needed or to go about that the process even my australian shepherd differently that i had in the past and so an when in her i due to her would reserve even nature feed her treats what if while you someone make a came mistake up in offered in depete her if how they you moved to relate quickly and with they weren't your dog reading her is well it possible the the change next interaction bad behavior with a stranger would be worse for her and so as i was socializing her going forward from there seeing that she was in fact trudeau to her guardian self i would not allow people just to come up in pet her but i would rather invite them to invite her and and completely leave it up to her as opposed to even reaching towards her to offer her a treat she needed a little bit more time than another type of dogwood.

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