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He's about to my order toilet paper. I said now. I'm trying not to eat when i don't wanna eat. And whenever i go to starbucks i'll get either that aig bites a fajita bites fettuccine uh-huh and the eight by probably the healthiest. Yeah but i'll get a little vanilla scone or gone. You want to get on that train again. Because it's been so good like telling them like the last two days. I've been really good with my daca gain again. A lot of weight over the pandemic Because food tastes so much better. When you don't have covid it's true but anyway exciting. Wherever anything to the bathroom there's other people Ordering i'm not gonna wait for this. I just left de people. Don't recognize me anymore. i don't think you know what. Here's what i think is happening. I don't think it's people recognize you. Because i had this too because i was like 'cause my hair blue member the Did you watch the comeback. Lisa cujo lisa episode episode six in the first season when she was minutes. Seven an episode six and she. She goes to the people's choice awards and she wants to look young and hip so instead of wearing her signature. Mickey red waves. She does like a straight blow out a smoky. Auditor and none of the paparazzi november. She is so she goes. I should have come as me. I always out in public. But i think what's happening is because i felt like that to us our people recognizing me as much or also its covid. No one wants to talk to anybody. So i've been recognized more with a mask on mask. That's so interesting. But i will tell you it doesn't bother me. I don't mind not getting recognized. Everyone is so on their phones now that they're not he's not nice. They're not seeing anyone. No time need this to be true for me. Because i don't think i'm getting recognized much but everyone's on their phones. I kinda like get. That's true but you know the used to be sitting in line. Just looking at people with us just looked around without stood in line and didn't just stare at your phone the whole time. It depends on what restaurant you're at. But i used to be where i would walk into a restaurant heads would turn you know like Why does he get a table before us. But now but To recognize but anyway and it was a very gradual thing where i stopped getting recognize so much you know and and and i was fine with that. I didn't even know it. I was in austin doing A radio gig a friend of mine. Del dudley does a show in austin and we've been friends for a long time. He's like howard stern of austin. And then we'll go out afterwards or the next day and meet for lunch. Move there so we sit. We sit in this restaurant and he goes. You know what. I noticed about you by the us. You don't get recognized as much as he used to. I never dawned on me. And i thought you know what you're right you're right and i don't mind it. I don't mind that at all. I really don't. Can i ask you a question..

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