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Because you talk about how important this investigation be bipartisan and that you've done it differently from the house on the question of whether the russians intervened to help trump into hurt hillary clinton is there a consensus forming on your committee bipartisan consensus on that one point believe there is a consensus both because we have interviewed all of the people who were involved in the report but more as important is that the head of the fbi the director of central intelligence the head of the nsa the the odeon i head both under the obama folks and the trump folks one of the first questions we ask is for the trump people you do you agree with the assessment of the ica of january might they believe that two thousand seventeen and part of that assessment was explicitly clear that while they had intervened in the election and tried to hack into both parties at some point during the election season they determined the highest levels of the russian government it was to russia's advantage not because they favor one political party over the other to actually help trump and there was clearly lots of evidence that putin had huge distaste for clinton are you going to be able to produce a bipartisan report i think we will be able to produce many of these sections will be bipartisan the election on the critical question of collusion the one everybody is looking for and you know it senator and the house shantelle committee broke down total partisanship you know dueling reports which has not illuminated for the public at all can you produce one like what i think we will produce will be significant validation of what happened because there's a whole lot of folks now based upon mr trump and some of his allies who make these broad based ad hominem attacks against the whole intelligence community recently one of those dangerous things broadbased attacks against the fbi and the department of justice in effect undermining rule of law we're gonna come back out reaffirming the work of the intelligence community i think we're going to show as well around electoral elections that they intervened and frankly the united st.

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