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Stafa he was addressing uniform like something essential costing I mean people are going to want to hear from him today right. Bandmann is important because the Republicans as we were talking about that so much. It's time trying to muddy the waters arguing about who was on the call. It's all who's well this guy. was there this guy. This guy did not like it when he heard it. This guy raised the the alarm about what he didn't like in real time and it feels like kind of the perfect Kryptonite to the crazy republic. Arguments it's hard to to for them to play their little the game when Ben is sitting in front of you in his uniform purple heart recipient telling the truth about what he heard that this corroborated over and over and over again. So what do we expect to come out of this day. So is this the last week of public test naval the decide with each of the US. President I I mean we. There's going to be an endgame him right. You know John. Bolton is sitting out there and Mick Mulvaney is sitting out there and they are trying thing to in some way of boy testimony or whatever but there are core proceedings going on trying to see if they are basically going to force them to answer congressional subpoenas so the Democrats seem to want to wrap this up before thanksgiving. I understand that. But there's a chance to get Bolton especially to testify if there's a chance to make it very obvious the people that Donald Trump's chief defender Mick Mulvaney is refusing to testify. It might be worth the week to to watch that. Play out now you know we live in this. TV Age and some members of the media complained last week. About the hearings of Taylor and Ken didn't make for exciting. TV lack of Za`Z. I think was the word Like it was sort of strictly. Come out single something about forty million people did actually watch. And you're GonNa Vich had a few moments world sharing and I just want to play. Oh you the end of the hearing. Because I didn't expect this. I don't think any wanted it. Returned Speaker Condition Business Very. He's experienced those members on this out of the aisle. We should have a chance to respond to your disparaging remarks district chairman. Demand is the chairman Mr Chairman Chairman. Now that was pools for a former ambassador to the Ukraine quite incredible. What did you make was that that was not a TV moment? They yeah. They were not applauding. The Republican attempt to muddy the waters further. They were applauding because at that moment when they started clapping Ivanovich stood up to take sacred leave from the hearing room. She conducted ourselves with integrity and grace in terms of these people who don't find this exciting as a legal correspondent. I have watched some trials. y'All don't know what boring is this is. This is riveting popcorn eating television compared to your average criminal mel preceding. Just say no we cannot allow our democracy can be decided by reality. TV ratings these people who have testified so far are incredibly dedicated public servants testifying truthfully incredibly and I think that the applause line the laws that we just heard is an indication that there are still enough Americans who respect and appreciate the quiet dignity Of Service because that is what we are seeing from Taylor and can't Ivanovich and that is what we're going to see next week from hill and been men then if you want reality. TV that's that's what's Don one is going to be four. Well Eliot. Thanks walking through this because it really is Quite compelling moment in American history thanks so much for joining stay really appreciate it thanks so much. They missed owl. Executive editor of the above the law website and a regular contributor to the nation remember the the heat is produced by. CG Sandia America our executive producer is Gareth h senior producer. John Gilmore was our guest today. Our digital producer is Joshua show about. Oh He's always sitting there and director of digital development is Marc chagall wants to get on making king and thanks so much for listening. Do remember if you have a comment. A question you've a complaint awesome even some praise about today's poker sandison email. You can find a heat podcast. CJ AMERICA DOT COM. And please if you like the heat help spread were by subscribing rating lear Komen put it automatically downloads with your favorite pok cost provider. Thanks a lot..

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