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People knew their way around the internet. And i definitely didn't and didn't even know how to hold away com penn and actually when i got to university the thing that i gravitated towards was graffiti and spray paint like my dad was in the military. I wasn't running around at home with cans of paint getting into trouble. Is i would have had problems that come home when i got to university. It was something i was really interested in. And i think that is kind of like my first jump into the world of typography and communications specifically like i was meeting graffiti writers in santa fe. I was spray painting legally sometimes not so legally and doing quite like in your face messaging things and i think that is maybe what i see in my work now like my relationship with typography is quite like loud and informative lean and it's it's been quite like an evolution from those like freshman days of messing around with some cheap spray paint cans graffiti. That's interesting i. I don't know why. I'm not thinking that there will be graffiti and santa fe new mexico. But it's it's great. It's great and also i mean new. Mexico has a large native population and dot comes into the work a lot as well. I met quite a few native graffiti. Writers around santa fe really awesome stuff. Now one of the first zion gigs that you scored right out of college was actually pretty big. You worked for nike or organs turned for knocking and you later worked for nike is direct. Yes how was your experience. It was really fantastic. Interesting challenging at times i think definitely the hardest like point in my career. I got interested in nike as a student. Because be sean barrett seamy. Who runs a studio in portland. Called fiske fantastic design studio came to my university and gave a workshop with his friend. Chris burnett based around nike because they had both worked at nike previously. And we made all this interesting work. I remember being really stressed out about the work. For some reason. I was just thinking like i have to make the most amazing thing. 'cause like this is like based on nike and they're such such a big place and i stayed up until like four. Am working on like this. Little poster i was making and i left the lab like crying because i just hated what i made a went back to my dorm room. And actually someone had set off. Like the water sprinkler in the dorm and all me and my friends had to sleep in like this brightly. Lit like storage shed off. The side of our dorm for an entire night was just like the worst night of university ever. I talked a bijon a lot at that workshop. And he actually reached out to me a little bit later to work on. Some freelance work for nike. And my mind was just like man nike. I really feel good when i work on this stuff. And i'm so interested in and i saw that. They were hiring design intern in europe. And i applied. I had an interview and i got. The job is so funny. When i got the phone call. It was like four. Am in new mexico. And i some number. I didn't recognize called me and the person on the phone like julian. You're gonna come to work for nike and out loud on the phone. I said fuck. It was the first thing i'm just like. I'm in new mexico right now. I'm about to get on to a place. I know nothing about. But i did it. And i i came to the netherlands. Nike's european headquarters is in a village called hilversum a few minutes away from amsterdam and it was really challenging. I think i was still working on my thesis. I was halfway through my last year of university at the time zone..

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