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I think. At least from the Bernie supporters that I talked to it's about the institutions accountable and as Bernie said, it's not me us right and so it's not just like one person. It's like a whole entire group of people move in down ballot races for progressive policies in local elections and a lot of that is definitely. Having to do with holding institutions accountable once they get elected. Pushing them, I. Think. That's what I heard from after the convention I went on July. And I saw Alison Doco Cortez her live and she talked about. Part of being. Civically engaged is challenging even the people that you have elected. Because, you got to keep them on their toes. They represent a you. I. Think going forward the potential for vitamin. D. Be Open to those challenges I, mean he he over and over again said he listens and you know other people who've worked with them says, yeah he's a really good listener the fact that he early on with South Carolina really sewed up the primary I mean most people who've kind of nailed it. Before they're officially nominated Dale in this listen and changed their platforms right. But Biden listened and he I think he understood that there was a huge bunch backing sanders and so he had to listen to Sanders and I think you know some of the changes and that's why this is the most progressive platform going forward. It may not be progressive enough for some people here. Here's my my ultimate take Helen I feel like. I was a big Yankee supporter in the beginning. I didn't think he was going to have a chance to last as long as he did. So when he dropped out by the time, the California Primary came voted for Warren Okay I don't think that Bernie. Would have as good. A chance as Biden because Bernie is to the left of Biden and in order to beat trump, which to me is job one, two, four, five, six, two, thousand. in order to be trump, we had to have someone who people who were more middle and maybe even a little right of middle could could say I could vote for that guy right and I think that's what we're seeing and and at the same time that Guy Biden. You know in picking a woman of color. And certainly one who's imminently qualified and experienced. That's just one more piece of evidence that yeah. He's not Bernie Sanders but I think he's more electable you know in in this particular. Contest and that's what we need. But at the same time I think he he already has demonstrated that he's open to bringing more progressive things into his platform and I think that it's a hundred percent appropriate that assuming he wins. That the progressives who helped elect, him are going to continue to hold him accountable. Rate, and you you you see again, people are concentrating on Joe Biden because yes, that is an important office but like Corey Bush in Missouri just recently won and. Remembering that she was an activist in Ferguson. Back. Back in two, thousand, fourteen, two, thousand, fifteen, that time period, and. Considering the fact that. She did not accept like big donor donations and she one challenge like. An incumbent who had been there for a while like those are also racist that matter absolutely and I I you know to the people who are perhaps. The.

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