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This Thursday morning and. You've heard this story probably yesterday it was pretty dramatic where prosecutors, arrested congressman Craig, police FBI actually, arrested Chris Collins is a Republican congressman from up in New York and accused. Him in a thirty page indictment of using insider information to save himself and his family, and friends close to a million dollars in lost. Revenue when a when a stock that he had information on actually tanked, so they laid out I mean I was like. A prosecution taking place in public when, the prosecutor, said you know here's when the phone call came in, saying that, the trials of this new drug had failed then here's his phone call to his son which wasn't returned and. Then look his Sun then picked up the phone first thing. The next morning and, sold the, stock and then he called a bunch of friends of his including his future father in law. And got them to sell their stock and, I think what was it in total Stay close to a million dollars. I think it was, about seven hundred sixty eight seven hundred sixty. Eight thousand dollars. That they would have, lost had they just sat on. Their investment, and the stock, tanked now, the congressman says he didn't do anything wrong based on what we saw yesterday that's hard to believe but he says he didn't do. Anything wrong he's presumed innocent I suppose he says he's not resigning from congress either you know the typical crowd the Democrats and. But even some of his Republican colleagues said Him. Off of a yeah a lot of people a lot of people concerned about his veracity and just about the stink of these kinds of things now they do ten I I have to say I think they do tend to go after Republicans win allegations like this hit more. And make a big deal. Out of it than they do when Democrats have stuff like. This happen but you know you gotta stay out, of trouble not even allow these things to come up around you can possibly avoid it eight forty eight hundred is time. For us to chat lines this morning from the w. RV newsroom Gutman's prosecutor investigating, the death of a, toddler left in a hot vehicle for three. Hours the governor, and Charlottesville declaring a, state of emergency ahead of this. Weekend's anniversary, of the deadly, night the, right rally and President Trump's legal team reportedly refusing We women are redefining ourselves let's.

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