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Back on the turks lots commerce get to jank it with you guys brenta corn quoting meese is kind of funny but also terrifying he says that's trump wanna one true beware says nobel peace committee got duped by trump don't worry he didn't he didn't get any award that was just the republicans talking about how they can nominate him or good luck with that right these are all youtube super chests by the way and kiki yasa's keep up the real news fox though in tell us ll thank you appreciate it now let me go to twitter mostly matry says jank you guys want to say it with me everyone in my home including the dog drops what they're doing and says that's awesome thank you mosa tim client junior says i think jank jokes are unbelievably hilarious thank you tim appreciate it also a dad okay hey take it easy okay has pretty fair of you okay and finally hashtag free power says happy belated birthday buddy anna seven seven shoutout you called me buddy i call charlie buddy i know i think the day he might mean birthday buddy i felt the same thing i was like oh you guys are buddies that's pretty neat and i was like oh they might have the same birthday if that's the case yes happy birthday to you is well no matter what it is okay all right i got the next story for you guess we have exciting dramatic developments in the michael cohen story actually to be fair cnn has report them plus a second important part about my kuko's new attorney so gloria borger reporting on cnn said just a little while ago i think that michael cohen has decided to fight back against rudy giuliani and his client donald trump and my sources are telling me that he said that the truth is not you or your clients friend oh okay so to for you to understand the full context of this and of course used to be the personal turning for donald trump they aided as a home in office most of you know that but then giuliani was hired by trump and julianne has been talking a lot of smack about michael cullen and so and he recently said and i'll get to that quote to like oh let let him him testify testify let them say whatever he wants and this is michael cohen now going out and telling sources to tell cnn and hence the world in this case tell them the truth is not their friend oh damn damn that cohen elbow stings can't wait to find out right going on says who says michael cohen all right now continue from borsch you're here these sources say that when cohen has decided to do is affected ly hit the reset button here and that he is continuing his commitment to tell the truth now that's sources of course a friend of michael cohen and that's why they're framing it that way the important point there is the recent but the second part is not true he's gonna hit the reset button and continue to tell the truth you don't hit the reset button and continue to do something you do something different and in other words he'd been covering up for donald trump all this time he's gonna hit the reset button and knock cover up for him anymore and actually tell the truth joe wrong okay okay i gotta jump in shopping so for i don't even know how long for several months maybe even up to a year in various stories we comment on how trump expects loyalty but is very rarely if ever loyal to anyone in fact he has burned bridges left and right you know it throughout his life but especially during his presidency and so he has not been a nice person to michael cohen you hear stories about the way that he spoke to michael cohen the way that he utilized some of his services and some of his coverups but didn't pay him back and so we kept asking when is this going to catch up to trump will it ever catch up to trump because there are consequences when you burn certain bridges and it seemed as though trump was just completely untouched by any of the negative behavior he had in the past but it might actually finally come back to bite him in the butt here it is catching up with them because the very next quote from gloria boys according to our sources we don't know why cohen is doing what he's doing right now the fact.

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