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Morning. Just watch out for roadwork. Several Chicago Alderman has sent a letter to the city asking for proof of vaccine mandates, just like the one adopted in New York City, WGN's Jordan Burn field with details. According to the letter of the Older men want a proof of vaccine requirement for people visiting public indoor settings like restaurants, bars, movie theaters, gyms and concert halls. New York City, New Orleans, San Francisco and Puerto Rico have already issued such mandates. It's not clear whether the mayor's office would support such a measure, though the mayor has repeatedly encouraged Chicagoans to get the vaccine. Jordan Burn FIELD WGN news. New data shows covid cases among Chicago public school students are on the rise. The district has reported. 160 confirmed Covid 19 infection since the school year started almost two weeks ago. 89 of those cases involve CPS students. Hundreds of other close contacts have been forced to quarantine because of exposure. But the union claims the actual numbers are much higher, claiming the district isn't updating those numbers online in a timely manner. In a statement, the district says it's making improvements in its recording system. Chicago Police have charged the second suspect in last month's brutal attack in River North McKeel. Hampton is accused of beating and robbing a 40 year old man on state Street in the early morning hours of August 28. He's also charged in another robbery later that same day. Each 33 year old from Wheeling was the first to be charged in the attack. More than three dozen Arab Americans who own gas stations and food stores say they've been targeted and closed by the city of Chicago. Alleging the city blames their locations for gang violence. They say the city sights minor code violations to shut their doors. American Arab Chamber of Commerce President Hassan Najim, the story was never revenue. The workers over there, they lose their jobs. Bless the community lose, you know, uh, convenient to come to the store. No response from the city. Yet a longtime suburban mayor has indicated he plans to plead guilty to bribery charges related to the installation of red light cameras in his community. W. James Lauren LAFCO with details A spokesperson for the U. S attorney's office tells WGN Crestwood Mayor Liu PRESTA has scheduled a change of plea hearing for the end of October and expressed a willingness to plead guilty. Prosecutors say Preston was caught on an undercover recording accepting $5000 in cash from a safe speed executive looking to place cameras in Crestwood. In February, w G N investigates confronted PRESTA over his camera program, which had generated more than $2 million in ticket revenue. That's after federal prosecutors first carried out raids related to the camera company at the time. I'm Mayor PRESTA called the bribery charges false. And promised he would be vindicated at trial. More lap Good. WGN NEWS, WGN Sports In the NFL season opener, the Buccaneers beat the Cowboys 31 29. The Sox lost in Oakland. 3 to 1. The forecast. WGN. Chicago Weather Center meteorologist Mitrice Ivory mostly sunny on Friday. A cool start but a pretty nice finish. High temperature climbs to 80,.

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