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Called blackbird presumably after the seventy one. I don't know but they're gonna make you know. Dial up service with a custom content language stack and custom rendering. It wasn't the web. They have content partners They have a lot of money. But it still wasn't the scale the web it wasn't to be compelling gates realized this and he turned the company on a dime and they couldn't find that. I'm not sure the timing so they decided to copy it and once we realized that everybody inside netscape felt even more urgency and more of the frenetic mood and so my chances do scheme disappeared when the job deal started brewing. But there was still a chance to do a companion language to job because java was compiled is compiled language. It's evolved improved quite a lot since then too but it was sort of serious advanced programmers. That cost a certain salary. Or hourly rate and people observe bill joy observed i marc andreessen and i observed in mature. Stack like microsoft. You really benefit from having a scripting language like visual basic which became visual basic script. And i three but didn't take on didn't take over. Kill javascript that you need to. Which is one is for. That component writers who are higher price and more expert and the other is for Scriptwriters public accountants designers graphic designers with some programming inclination. Anybody amateurs doesn't matter. There's a much more democratic approach there for procuring components. Together gluing them together. Somebody will say duct tape language. I don't really like but we saw bill joy in mark andreessen and we saw the need for companion language and gleaming are. i was to call javascript. I didn't like it. That was marketing plan. Mark called mocha which i liked and get marketing. I think didn't like that. So they said oh. There's some trademark and some software somewhere. That's so we can't use that. And they tried live script in august and that didn't last and then finally we got the trademark license in december nineteen. But the work. I did to prove that it could be done was important because i came in april and even the netscape was growing so fast they couldn't find open requisition in the client team for me so they hired me into the server team and i worked for a month on server team on what became a one one. So i was actually. I'd done protocol work at silicon graphics with great chessen For beleives intern. Grad student intern. Who knew all the unix founders. And greg was very interested in Protocols the next level with us i thought that. Cpi's wouldn't wouldn't scale it. He he was mistaken. And that unfortunately moore's law more than kept up and you have gigabit ethernet running with commissioner processors. But i worked on protocols at sgi colonel hacking and nfs. And things like that. So i i came into netscape to work on the side for a month but i was. I was thinking the whole time. What's did this language. Should it be easy to use. might at syntax even be more like natural language. Like hyper talk. which is bill. Atkinson's language and hypercard. If you re separate hard on early mac. And i thought well i'd like to do that. But management say make it look like java which looks like see from a distance. What was that mean as a braces. We're talking about visually like Management understand what the hell marketing management did like rick shelby new and we had a plan. Even that was. If you have this companion language you're going to glue things together between java javascript. C. you're going to have commerce in memory in the heap with data..

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