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Nearly all major components on increase from housing to airline fares, the core inflation figure which subtracts volatile food and energy prices. Was up 9/10 of a percent, the largest monthly increase in four decades. The Federal Reserve says. We should expect inflation but forecasts it will be temporary. I'm nervous, awful for marketplace. Benchmark 10 year interest rate up 1.67%. The biggest set of fuel pipelines in the country remains disabled today after hackers came looking for ransom colonial pipeline is now dispatched workers to manually open valves to move some fuel and Georgia, the Carolinas. Maryland and New Jersey. The U. S requires most of the electric power grid to have protections against cyber attacks. But for pipeline companies hardening against hackers is only a suggestion. Not a rule. The head of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission is saying that needs to change marketplaces and the Euler has been talking to people on the hunt for gas, with some stations running dry, in part because people are topping up just in case. Nicholas Medley lives in Pensacola, Florida with his wife and two young kids, ages two and four, he said. From what he's seeing, just driving around town. Maybe 70% of the stations around here are just completely out. Any other 30% have long lines and high prices. He drives a Tesla, so he's not hurting for gas. But his wife drives a regular old minivan. And we're having carpool now because she was wearing on desk before the short chap in that it happened in the blink of an eye. There was no warning. Warning for McClane, Merrick, either he lives in Peachtree Corners Georgia, coincidentally, only about 10 Miles southeast of Colonial pipelines headquarters. He says. He's got an almost full tank right now and works about a mile from his home. But he just hopes he doesn't have an emergency. Once I hit the 50% mark, I'll probably be walking to work and we'll probably be walking to dinner and Wait for this to pass Colonial told federal officials It will know later today whether it's safe to restart gasoline and diesel flows. Austin. I'm Andy Euler for marketplace. Marketplace Morning reported supported by C F P professionals, CFE professionals are focused on providing holistic financial planning from taxes and investments to retirement and estate planning. In the client's best interest,.

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