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Bill Koto 95.5 WSB Still to come in Atlanta's going news, the second deadly you stay yet for the virus in Georgia and new CDC guidelines for what to do if you test positive. Partly cloudy, scattered storms this afternoon rain chance anyone spotted 40% but where the storms develop, of course, heavy rain, gusty winds and lightning. Today's high 93 right now 73 feet Free Street for Carmela Shop Channel two action news meteorologist Brad Nets, But Michael thinking about clothes, own agencies, the banks the 30 highway, not a hole between Douglas Bill Lithia Springs quite late. Starting the bog down I 20 past both Boulevard trash Cap County is in the shoulder but faces there are away Caution. I twenties at Camp the road Exit 65 in the sky Copter Pilot Mark McCain, 95.5 WSB. This portion of Atlanta's way new sponsored by Dynamic money. That's 7 32 Here's Marcie Williams jutting above. So what's next for the lawsuit filed by Governor Kemp against Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance bottoms after two judges recused themselves double the ESPYs. Michelle, right Reports live. A coalition of cities is filing a legal brief connected to the case. Yeah, Jet, and now there's 1/3 judge that's set to preside. That's Jane Bar Wake. The first judge voluntarily removing herself from the proceedings after a request from a G Chris Carr. The second also recusing herself since she'd work for the governor in the past this as the Georgia Municipal Association files a legal brief saying that the governor could be overstepping his bounds and that city should have home rule during an emergency or pandemic. Explains President Vince Williams. We have no choice but to stand up with citizens who live in each of our communities and protect the right of local control. A new date for the court hearing between the mayor and the governor has yet to be revealed. Reporting live, Michelle right, 95.5 WSB Georgia reports at second highest daily count of Corona virus deaths So far, the state had 78 deaths Tuesday and now has more than 3200 since the pandemic began. George's highest one day total for Corona virus deaths is 100 setback In early April, George's recorded about 150,000 infections. But Governor Kim says he has hope the state's infection rate is stabilizing Another dark day in the pandemic as thie US records more than 1000 correct A virus deaths in a 24 hour period. It's the most in one day since early June. Hot spot states of Florida, Arizona and Texas each report more than 130 deaths, health experts warn death totals usually rise about a month after a spike in infection more than 1/3 of the inmates at a federal president. Fort Worth, Texas Test positive for Corona virus The number of confirmed cases at the federal Medical Center cars well in Fort Worth jumped from 200 to 510 on Tuesday, according to the Bureau of Prisons. Cars well holds female inmates and currently has over 1300 prisoners. Jennifer King reports. One of the infected inmates is convicted an essay leaker Reality winner Corona virus cases continue to spike in Texas, which recorded 1000 virus death over a 10 day period more than in saw in the previous three months combined. A judge in a border county says hospitals across the state look like war zones. Georgia plays a big role in developing a new plasma treatment to fight Corona virus. Not currently, people who have recovered from the virus can donate plasma and antibodies to others, but that treatment is not always perfect. Tiv and requires matching blood type. Now researchers at a massive facility near Covington or looking to develop a more reliable option, Several pharmaceutical companies have teamed up in this effort. Clinical trials could start soon. The CDC changes its recommendations recommended isolation. Time for Corona virus Patient is 10 days after symptoms began. And if there's a fever start 24 hours after it breaks For those with no symptoms isolate for 10 days from the date of being tested. Reporter Mark Mayfield says the CDC is earlier recommendation of testing negative twice before ending isolation hasn't been able to hold up because of the lack of testing. WSB NEWS time. 7 35 25 minutes Till 80 clock still mattering those 10,000 additional daily test that air coming online here in Georgia, the governor announced yesterday. How that will help contact tracing They say results in 48 hours, still tough to get a test.

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