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One ball to strikes account gorky fernandez the giants leadoff hitter waiting on deck to runs in its five to two bullpen working for the padres were in the last of the third richard trion somehow to get through a huge jam with only the two runs across one to now holland shows about pickoff throw crawford dies back safely you must be careful against richard he led everybody in the big leagues in pickoffs last year and the giants holland sorta gave it away now holland not getting the science properly from rod wada's so he needs a conversation with quotas which i think in the future at minimum you could count that as like amount visit if if if you want to speed up the game don't let a hitter do that you gotta know the signs but that's not the rule now so holland back at home another throw to first crawford who has a one step leadoff the bag which makes it tough too but as is although the padres attention could be focused on jackson at third you got a lot going on here for both the defense in the offense see what the giants ideas with holland the pitch is off the inside wall too vienna wave of the third baseman is playing even with the bag and fairly close to the bag the middle infield parrella now is backed off so he was way in now he's back a little closer in the normal double play depth now holland squares to bunt bud set it and misses it strike three wow that that was a fastball right down the middle that's a pitch that shouldn't be a real difficult one to get a bunt down on but i'll and couldn't do it two outs it's up to gorky hernandez here all i looked like a guy who almost never done it let me look like i just know how to bud two onto for gore keys.

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