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Your lead dog. You can look at your own team. Look at the ring. The ramp is a little crazy. He's a lead dog. You lead dog has to be Larry Bird when he played when I played with Larry Bird. He wasn't going to win no fight, but he wasn't going back away from that neither. That's what they need. That's what I'm talking about. 48 called out Durant and the playoffs like call them a bitch. Like, that's what the Celtics need more than going. In New York, but Jason, Jason Seth, I was Jason and I know he looks up to KD and that's you go off on this way more than me, this AAU air, where these dudes go to these camps and then take pictures of workout with these guys. So tailoring has been no one Kevin Durant since he was 14 years old and then remember Durant like what was the injury died that is me, remember in the playoffs? First of all, with the elbows. You know coming back for game and game two and like tell them didn't check their rant for that. Like, no, okay, and you'll get a if anybody knows, don't get under me on a three. Like you trying to be trying to break my ankle? It needs to take that step. That's why this is a little different. Isaiah and magic were buddies. They played in the playoffs and what did they become? Hugging in the mix. Yeah, they hated each other. Yeah. And that's what I mean when you when my lead dog has to be a little crazy. You knew when Detroit played their best player Isaiah was crazy. You knew that they had little crazy on their team. And I'm not saying that. Tatum has to punch somebody every time, but I'm just saying, oh, you do is go up and check a dude. You know what I'm saying? Well, I mean by checking to do this. Yeah. And so we're all understanding here on this podcast. It's something to you. Your line should be if you do that shit again. No journey after the game, none of that. Stop that. You are Tatum and Brad has been better than ever all eyes on the gridiron as teams on back on for another football season. As always, better line is.

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