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I don't know what he i don't know where he goes to to to get another chance think he's he he's he's played what six seasons now going on the six these these played a 1500 snaps jili neat three thousand two to find out who the guy is also going here he didn't have a chance when we will solve the trailer thing happened with elves and he worked his way up to be in the guy but now all of a sudden this kick kaiser comes out of nowhere and he starting this game i thought the scorn in the week three r d we we said this this week i said if i'm if i'm coach jackson i'm putting kaiser read in in the second quarter and the third quarter to see what happened he's went to go the whole the other way he said these kids to start i'll say this about osweiler co you hear things coming out of houston about what kind of guy he was there may be he was a little prick lead and didn't take coaching will hear the opposite coming out of cleveland learners area he's been all right he's been a good guy to have around so maybe that helps him going forward the next time he does get him how they have to spend money to get to the floor right so there's no reason to cut them financially right the only reason to cut him would be that he they believe he has no future as a football player even as a backup and by the way the floor he means the floor the salary cap minimums that you have to spend we get it we gotcha we get your bonus be for you who a bonus piece story this on the big toe and washington george john time saying jordan repair tissa painted in individual and one on one workouts the first time this summer looks like he pushed off well with his big toe would be big joe indeed.

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