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Thirty six degrees under partly cloudy skies at seven thirty on this Wednesday evening. Good evening. I'm Josh binswanger. Here's what's happening. A member of house speaker Robert deleo leadership team is under fire tonight allegations he walked up behind an incoming legislator and grabbed her back side during orientation cocktail hour last month's Boston Globe reporting. Those allegations have been made against Representative Paul mcmurtry, a democrat from Dedham at the time, chairman of the house personnel committee. According to the report several officials witness the incident delays office has knowledge that the speaker has received secondhand reports from some lawmakers of inappropriate conduct from that December orientation, we'll continue to follow this story here on WBZ new house. Democrats sit outside Senator Mitch McConnell's office this afternoon calling on the majority leader to take a vote on the government shutdown. The house has voted on a package of bills regarding the shutdown, but the Senate will not. Until Democrats agreed to include funding for a border wall democratic congresswoman, Katie hill. California says it's time for the Senate to act so at this point the only thing left is for us to make noise. And that's exactly what we're doing. As the partial government shutdown continues. A group of democratic senators are Personalizing the impact on federal workers. Bill Rakoff has more from Capitol Hill Democrats descended the Senate steps on the east front of the capitol each carrying a large picture of a furloughed federal worker Senator Patty Murray outlining the plight of one of her constituents. Shirley, an FA employees. She told me that hers is a single income family, and then not knowing when her paycheck will come is very stressful to say, the least Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer, Mr President, look at the pain and suffering you're causing Bill Rakoff CBS news Capitol Hill.

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