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And call Hendrick. I really hope you enjoyed that one. I know I did. It's always a bit daunting having to gas on the show at once because he's weird when you've got sensually three locations going on we turn the videos off to try and improve the the strength of the signal to keep the audio quality as good as possible and it's difficult to know who to die right the questions to and so on and so forth he got lots talking over each other. Oakwood Poles but with Poland call. I thought it went really well. That clearly a dynamic Jew were very strong team who who worked incredibly well together whether that's writing books or as it turns out speaking on podcasts. And as I mentioned in the INTRO and I've met call and a number of times a massive massive fun of call. Hear him speak. But I've never spoken to Paul cash before I've seen in both The choristers to speak to him. I'm not so daunting as well interviewing somebody who you don't have an initial off off podcast relationship with for one of the bad a phrase but he couldn't have been nicer when he was going through his career. I'm thinking flipping. Acopia doesn't ask me to me to do the same for quite some. Cd's he's compiled that Bergen. He was an incredibly pleasant person and obviously incredibly knowledgeable and a pleasure to interview some takeaways. First thing to say is I'm I'm rapidly. Taken off my podcast. Guest Book Book Lists and Paul was on the Now Take Big. Take next him. Who's left well Willingham the Big Wall? Dan Willing up now is spotted on. Twitter is writing a follow up version kind of version. Two of of. Why don't students like school? Could that be my way of getting him on? I don't know fingers crossed. I jumped swallows obviously up there as well with with cognitive load theory. Then we have Joe Bolla now. I'm not gonNA name any names. One of those three hasn't responded to any of my emails. Blitzer swiftly on from that and the other thing I wanted to talk about these takeaways is is that learning as they change long term memory. Now I know Dr Helen Williams isn't GonNa be happy with me. Fifth or not pushing. Pull an email from this. The reason his and I'm going to be honest here. I think is an incredibly useful phrase to work with whether you agree with whether there is actually thing cold working memory in a thing called long-term whether you believe in them in a biological sense and I take Alan's point that how do you know if something's actually transferred from wookey memory to its along but let let let me say this. Here's why I think it's useful phrase and it's as simple as this. It reminds me of the need to task my students to see if they can retrieve what I've taught them because that was my big failing as a teacher and manny. My biggest failing of teacher for many many many years was there. I thought my kids had learned something at the time because they could do it at the time so I teach a lesson and drive home at night thinking. Wow what a great tea triumph box. Not One off. And then because I wouldn't test my kids again or be systematic testing them to see if they could retrieve it they'd forget it so rapidly a haven't trump's for into long term memory if kids can't produce what they've been told they've not learned to for me. It's as simple as that. I'm not maybe the most obvious thing you've ever heard in your life but it escaped me for twelve years. You know I was just putting all my effort into getting things in tickets had heads and not enough effort into ensuring that they could get things out again. We spoke about this days. Christodoulidou came on the show and the second time to talk about her book and and how she believes that that's the purpose or one of the main purposes of Ed. Tech is to help students get good at getting things out because ad tag has a advantage over human beings in the sense that the technology can come up with a schedule A. Retrieval schedule. It can be smart in the sense that not every student needs the same retrieval schedule. Some students are going to need to focus on retrieving certain topics more than that or the students are in and so on and so forth but again as a teacher too much of my emphasis went into the teaching and not enough. Went into the making sure. My kids can retrieve at whether it's Bjork's where you buy in Sioux whether it's talking about the forgetting curve retrieval strength storage strength. There's no doubt in my mind that the more I can challenge machines to retrieve what they've been taught over long periods of time the more it sticks in there and therefore the more they learnt. So that's what it means to me learning as a change in long term memory kids caught remember it. They not learned to and the second thing I wanted us to talk about briefly was I absolutely looked calls. Point about what technology cannot do. And that is an. I'm not gonNA say beautifully or eloquently has called it but he caught reproduce that spark of magic that happens in the classroom. When you've got a teacher working with kids and I've been looking and I'm sure all listeners have experienced that a number of times where you can just feel it. You can just feel something. Special is happening in that lesson. This is pathetic. Mostly get a bit few goosebumps air. What I'm talking about this and it's just you just on a roll. The flows that the kids and starting to sing him with the students. And they're buying into it in your respondent and they're coming back and so now it doesn't happen all the time and there are lots of drawbacks to that. Their drawbacks to having one teacher and thirty kids versus is a really smart system. That as I mentioned before can tailor make and schedule. I have scheduled different topics at different times different students and so on but what about system can never do is reproduced that much. And that's why teach you will always have a place and as I say that to refer back to this my most recent interview Daisy Christodoulou. We spoke about this the machine learning or whatever you want to call. It will never replace teachers in that sense because we did. We didn't talk about this with daisy but now have been listened to call their. I'm thinkin one of those one of the reasons is teachers will always have a place. Teaches can generate not magic that that I can connect generates so I thought that was interesting with reflects on them and the final thing is just wanted to pick out a paper myself from They call them pulls book. How learning happens. I mean it's a wonderful book. It really is a really nicely laid out. You can just dip in dip out at any stage and I looked call him polls choices but I just wanted to announce chapter fifteen number fifteen. It's called activities that give birth to learning. He can probably tell from the the title of this Paper Wife. Gone for this. The papers called the concept of math magna help if it could say the concept of Mathematics Ganic Mother megantic activities are pigs something like Madison that but I love the quote. The opens the paper. You can lead a horse to water but the only water that gets into his stomach is what he drinks on the point from this while while the takeaway that I took away from this as the teachers we can. We can have all the bells and whistles. We can think we've designed the absolute ideal. Lessen the effects are everything's right but the only thing that's going to determine whether kids take things in and learn from them is what they do with what we present them. What they themselves do with what we bought. We say WHOA STIMULUS. We give them how we orchestrate discussions and so on. It's down to the students. And if I just read the takeaways just read these the bottom from from the book and from this paper I think he really powerful points. So here we go and learning a combination of object orientation selection translation and processing that takes place in the learner. A teacher can try to make the learning objects available but what is learned. Depends on what the learner does with them can switch a simple point so easy to overlook. I used to think that teaching was about me. The teacher is so obvious that the learn is the key to this next takeaway the lessons that you pack and be very sophisticated but if your students don't do anything with them or do the wrong thing with them edgy. Memorize instead of apply. Then they won't learn properly third takeaway with good USA questions learning objectives and assignments. You can steer your students learning in the direction that you want eeg to learn. Foxhole to apply knowledge notice though steer. You can't guarantee it but you can. It's it's a it's a batch. She can the chances and full takeaway certain ambient factors such as appropriate. Shouldn't behavior classroom. Climates inappropriate. Use of technology are critical to stimulating. His word against my mother megantic activities. Get these right thirst so start with the simple things. Don't start coming in with this big sophisticated idea. How are you going to teach if the kids aren't going to be listening because messing around behavior so get low seating plans right get get the routines established something? We spoke about earlier this spring for years. Now one of my I have written ts with Bruna. Ready and check it out is one of my favorites. He spoke about how he won't do any teaching whatsoever until he'd established routine so the two first two or three lessons with class could be spent getting the kids to practice lining up handbooks out collecting books in knowing how to respond. When you ask a question knowing what to do another child speaking knowing how to set workouts and so get those routines rights and then that's going to increase the chances of the students thinking about the right thing on the final takeaway Ephraim from the paper for those training teachers online managing teaches. It's helpful to focus less on teaching a more on the overall conditions that the teacher has set that agenda student learning. So that's just an example of how you can just dip into a paper that catches your eye. If you want you can go straight to the takeaways at the end. And then if that stimulates something go back in flick back earlier in the chapter Gigabit d-print so at it's it's a really really great book. I wholeheartedly recommend so and thus not an as I say. I made the decision to still release some of these so-called normal episodes with with guests alongside my teaching from home series. I hope not Sir wise decision. I've I've no idea but again. Cd'S GOTTA continue. And I felt this episode in particular was relevant and this time and that we find ourselves in but hopefully for its Agri no when when things return to normal the I I think so many takeaways from from this one so all that remains to me to do is to thank podcast teams comfortably. Judging these at the throughout the show I must say thank you to my guests. Poll Kushner on call Henry forgiven at that time and for writing a wonderful book and a big big big big big. Thank you to you my lovely loyal listeners. For keeping tune into.

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