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Early. Friday injures we back in the courtroom on monday at nine fifteen. Am central chauvin is charged with second degree murder third degree murder and second degree manslaughter. George floyd died in police custody after the former officer pinned his knee against floyd's neck for more than nine minutes. You can follow along with the trial using our live. Updates page on usa today dot com the vaccine roll out against covid. Nineteen in the us has not been perfect. But it's so far. Been the envy of neighbors to the north about. Twelve percent of canadians have received at least one dose of a vaccine compared with thirty point. Seven percent of americans the hashtag. Meanwhile in canada is trending as many citizens wonder why things are moving slowly vaccine distribution continues to be inconsistent around the world according to our world data dot org which accumulated information from world governments israel as vaccinated the largest share of its population and more than sixty percent have received at least one dose in the uk. Nearly fifty percent have received at least a dose followed by chile at about thirty seven percent and then the united states both some huge countries by population like brazil and india are still well. Below ten percent and countries like japan and south africa or below one percent the inconsistencies around the world raise questions about international travel even after a majority of americans are vaccinated against the.

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