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At historical pricing for rice. They haven't topped 5 wins in a regular season in an 8 straight years. And now it's in conference USA. Now they're stepping up in class a little bit better competition in the American. Computer power rating for me projects it at 4.6. I actually, you know, you're not supposed to do this, but I still compare them. If I was setting the win total, what would I put it at? I'd probably four and a half with a heavy juice to the yonder. I mean, if I really, if you had to give me an even number, and I had to set it, I would put it at four, so I do think we got a significant edge here. Looking at the schedule favor and only three games, two of them are relatively short under a touchdown, significant underdogs double digit and 5 games. Yes, they have a lot of experience coming back. Yes, they have the almighty JT Daniels and his 17th school. What is this? This is what I would say 37 stop along the way. I mean, the guy is going to spend more time on college campuses than some of these comedy tools that go up. I'm not a fan of him, just to be honest with you. In fact, I like the kid that was fighting in the bowl game last year. I thought they could move forward with him. I don't know what they're doing at quarterback with all these different transfers on a year and year in and year out basis. So I'm going rice under 5. You know when I look at rice is schedule as well. I think the other thing that I always like to hang our hat on when we try and go through some of these wind totals. First off at 5, it takes 6 wins to beat us 5, of course, would be a refund and any essentially a free loan for the sports books. But a lot of rice is most winnable games. All come on the road. I mean, you're looking at a road trip at USF. You're looking at a road game at Charlotte late in the year that we'll see. And then home dates that I think probably provide the biggest swing. It's a week 5 and week 6 stretch. Home against ECU, home against UConn. So we'll see exactly what Mike Bloomberg and company can do. The other thing with rice, you know, this is one of the more difficult jobs in the country in terms of recruiting kids that can play at a high level and compete academically. For those folks that aren't familiar with it, rice, one of the most underrated academic schools that you're going to find, especially in this league, other than maybe navy that we know how difficult life at the service academies can be. But not an easy place despite being in Texas to bring in some of the kind of blue chip prospects you need to be able to make a difference we can smallest enrollment of any school at the FPS. I think it's like right around 3000 is all. Got it. My division three school is a shade, smaller than that, and we weren't going to go out there and be able to compete with Texas in our week one game by any stretch of the imagination. So you can understand the challenges that exist there to say the least. All right, mister Brad, that's one conference down, 22 conferences to go because we're going to get you to do every FCS conference as well. You just didn't see that on paying schedule, right? I could do it. Why not? Let's do it. Hey, if there is a man for the job, there is no doubt you may be able to do it. I probably can. And have a life and or a wife that won't want to kill me by the time college football season starts in earnest, then August 26th, but again, I say it for not only paying myself, but all the bet the board listeners thrilled to have you back on board for another outstanding college football season. I mean, the information and the time that you spend on this is unparalleled in this space. And I think all the bet the board listeners that are going to tune in for these previews. From the AAC to the Mac to the sun bell to the Big Ten, the PAC 12, and the SEC are going to be in a much better spot headed into the 2023 season than they've ever been before by you taking them under their wings. So looking forward to my good man, any final words of wisdom parting shots, things that you'd like to share before we reconvene for another conference. Well, first off, the feelings mutual and there's no other people that I'd rather be talking to than the listeners and you and pain as far as college football preview. So I really appreciate you guys for inviting me on. No, I think we took enough shots on pain. I mean, they'll become in hot and heavy on a weekly basis, but I think that that's good for an opening episode. I mean, the good thing is Brad, we're gonna have 5 or 6 of these shows that we can continue to build ammo against pain and he won't be here to defend himself. So he's gonna have a lot of things to fire back. When we do the first power 5 conference, we'll have to make sure that you and I can gang up on him as well if he wants to try and defend his honor that he feel has been tarnished in some capacity. But remember folks, you can follow Brad on Twitter at Brad power 7. Sharing plenty of great nuggets and for a lot of these leagues, there's still a ton of player movement Brad will be the first one to be able to share that with you on social media as some of these podcasts you get closer to the season, my age a little bit. I'm Todd Furman, you can follow me there. You can follow pain as well at pain insider, but most importantly, as always, at bet the board pod and sign up for the bet the board podcast and newsletter. Cardboard chats, stay green, plenty of ways to keep you guys in action. From now until toe meets leather on August 26th. Thanks for listening to bet the board. You can catch Todd and pain every Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday during football season, breaking down the biggest

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