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Very good. That's interesting. Want to think about Will you have any? By the way if he gets traded somewhere of significance, you know you're picking the bills. Oh, yeah. Yeah. There if he goes to New England. What about New England? They have almost all the cap space. They might have assets to do it. You know, that's not being talked about a lot. Not knowing about you know that holds That's one of the teams in the mix. Seems like everybody's talking about Baltimore, making this move, which I don't you know, I mean, there's still kind of Ah, Run, run based offense, but they Ah, guy like Jones to help out Lamar Jackson. Colts. Who's the other team Titans? Maybe being I saw the Chargers is part of the speculation because I think Mike Williams has one year left on his contract, and they get Julio Jones to team up with Keenan Allen. On have, of course, Justin Herbert. That'd be a good trade for them. New England. That would be really nice pickup for them. I mean, he's much better than Kendrick, Born and Nelson angle are you with Julio Jones and those two tight ends? As long as somebody can figure out how to throw the football. That's a hell of an offense. Passing game anyway. I don't think Mm. I don't think it would change my thoughts. Yeah. Would make me pick the bills. I wouldn't change my prediction on the division. I still think you'd look at New England. Go. Cam Newton Mack Jones. Who? What? What are they doing? But man Julio Jones with the Patriots big Great. I mean, that's the biggest edition since what Randy Moss Maybe. I mean, Yeah, and they have a tremendous need for it. Yeah. Is our team in the FC. You'd you know, Would you be really worried about like non division like Baltimore? Colds? Titans Chargers. He's not going to Kansas City, obviously, but a team that's why isn't gonna consider to check their cap yet. Yeah, they don't. I mean, they had to cut two tackles just to create space. I was on my way to check their cap to see if I don't know what their current number is, but they mean they had they had to just jump through hoops just to be able to go sign Joe to me. And then they're gonna have to give l and O brown big money, too. So I wouldn't think Kansas City would be a team that would do that, Okay? I'll check the cap space eight All three old 5 50 to join us 8885 52 5 50 on this Julio Jones discussion or whatever else is on your mind. Grab a line share with.

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