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About to move through the area. More Tony LaRussa news today I'll bring that in sports and a business target is targeting the beauty business. WG on traffic. Here's gender salvo. Well, Kim, even though we're not really seeing the weather affecting the expressway, and always yet we are seeing a lot of crashes out there on the arterials. This report is sponsored by UnitedHealthcare. UnitedHealthcare Medicare advantage plans come with a lot to take advantage of visit. Advantage. Wow dot com To learn more. That's advantage wow dot com to learn more about UnitedHealthcare Medicare Advantage plans. Now one of those crashes in Itasca Walnut Street at Arlington Heights Road and in Bensenville Crash Irving Park at Church in Elmhurst, one at Lake Street, Northwest Avenue. Villa Park Route 83 at Riverside. And another over in Elmhurst, this one at Route 83 ST Charles Road Now on, I 55 you're headed South bound just before rot. 1 26, the right lane is blocked with an overturned vehicle that has injuries and entrapment. But now traffic is solid from route 53. When it comes to travel times out there. It's ah, about 25 minutes extra. Once you passed 3 55 there at one that you're sitting in until you pass that accident site. But the Edens is looking pretty good at this time. The Kennedy 26 minutes from O'Hare into downtown outbound sign. No problems. The Eisenhower about 38 minutes. Either way Between 3 19 the old post office in the Ryan 18 from 95th into downtown. I'm Jen to salve on the IDA traffic center, reminding you to drive responsibly. It really is a matter of life or death. Get ready to quarantine in Chicago. If you plan to travel, Chicago Public Health Commissioner Dr Aleksandar would, he says. There are currently 43 states on the list and Puerto Rico. But the states are now being broken down into three categories..

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