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Back in April, like the tensions were starting to boil over in which, according to his telling, at least he and other key executives on the team seeing started Sam Beckman -Friede's behavior as increasingly erratic and increasingly leading to arguments and outright fights among the crew, right? Not physical fights, I should note, but just back and forth that were less than pleasant. So yeah, you do get a bit more of a picture of the dysfunction that we've heard about from within the FTX empire through some of these highlights that are excerpted in the Times piece. It is just wild to see that more details keep emerging from what, again, remains a very compelling, fascinating Shakespearean story of downfall and of craziness. Yeah, wild stuff. The trial is... Go ahead, Jen. Go ahead. I was just going to say the trial is starting in October, and we should remind the audience that Ellison is a star witness against SBF. Will? The last thing I was just going to say to add on to what Zach said, even before the Brett Harrison things, there was stuff going back to 2018 and 2019 when Alameda Research was getting off the ground. There was a key split at that time. A lot of people saying that Sam Beckman -Friede's behavior was domineering and just led to a dissolution of a lot of the early key team members. People don't know that because it was a firm that no one really cared about at the time, but went on to become FTX, the behemoth that's running Super Bowl commercials. And now we have this entire downfall playing out in New York Times in one day, certainly Netflix. Well, let's go to the other stories we have with SBF because there's a few more headlines we have to read about. Let's. I'll do it. So FTX now helmed by John J. Ruth III is seeking to call back some $1 billion in cash, stocks, and other assets from former executives, including Sam Beckman -Friede himself. The lawsuit alleges that the fraudulent transfers of cash and shares, finance, political donations, real estate buys, you name it. There's also some strange details relating to Sam Beckman -Friede's brother and some aspirations around making an effective altruist colony on a tropical island. Some more crazy, strange details emerging from this story in the form of a fresh lawsuit with a big old number attached to it. Jen, I'm going to toss it to you. Another day, another FTX drama, and when we spoke yesterday about the current FTX leadership trying to get funds back from multiple different organizations that receive money from them, I think this is just all part of the bankruptcy proceedings. I think as much money as they can get back, they will get back as people don't want to be attached to the name FTX anymore. They don't want to be attached to all of this drama that's happening. And so if the money still exists, it will go back. I think, of course, this is a little bit different than what we spoke about yesterday. This Sam involves Beckman -Friede, his family members, others on the leadership team. That island piece is absolutely insane. Lawrence and I chatted about it a little bit on First Mover this morning. He was just kind of dumbfounded by this. How do you buy an entire island? There are people who live there, probably. You can't just turn it into a bunker for you and the rest of the effective altruists should there be an apocalypse one day. It's just like an absolutely insane turn to the story that, again, Zach, you can't write like I can't wait to see this turned into a movie and see all the different ways the story turns play out on on a big screen. There are some other really weird notes in here. Four hundred thousand dollars went to an entity that produced YouTube videos about effective altruism. I believe there is another thirty thousand dollars, which is small change when we look at the numbers here that that went towards a book that wasn't going to investigate something about humankind. I don't have it in front of me, but it's just absolutely wild. And the last wild point I will point out before kicking it off to you, Will, was Sam Beckman -Friede's brother Gabriel was the founder of an advocacy group called Guardians Against Pandemics. I believe we've spoken about it on the show before, which raised twenty two million dollars. This now says that most of that came from Sam Beckman -Friede himself, Will. Which probably meant that it came from a loan from FDT tokens or just from customers themselves. That's the thing with these whole lawsuits, right? We continue to see that there's been a large commingling of this, right, though, because they've either turned state's witness and turned in and they're going to take the plea deal and it's probably not going to be a very comfortable sentence, even though they have given into the plea deal or you're on the other side with Sam Beckman -Friede, who is going to go to this trial with all these headlines heaped on top of them. Now, the last part that's sort of interesting to me, and we've talked about this yesterday, is how this works on Chapter Eleven Sense, right? So John Jay Wright III is working to get all this money back on behalf of all the customers at FTX. But the question is, like, can you get all this money back? Because a lot of times it has been issued out and maybe they were poor deals, but they were deals nonetheless, and it might be outside that window. So again, if you are a Chapter Eleven expert, a legal expert, and want to talk to us on it, we'd love to hear from you because I don't get how they get this money back. I don't know. Zach? Wow. That was a nice call to action. That was very smooth. I don't know. I didn't read the legal document. I just read some of the stories. But where in the world is Sam Trabuco, right? The former co -CEO of Alameda. Is it in this document? Does it say where Sam Trabuco is besides being over water, as you famously said one time? That to me remains sort of an under -discussed aspect of this whole saga. Where is Sam Trabuco? That's why I want to know. I don't know if it's in there. I'll do some control effing a bit later on in the document itself. But if you guys know, I ask you, what do you think about that angle? That's going to be a great fake tweet one of these days from some account that changes his handles and his profile pic, Sam Trabuco arrested or something like that. We don't know. I haven't heard anything about it since. It's really odd because everyone else, again, took the plea deal. Everyone took the plea deal here, except for Sam Egbert Fried, so why has he not appeared on the scene? Maybe he's got clean because he quit early and got out of it. I don't know. Jen? I don't know. Your guess is as good as mine. That'll be for season four. That'll be for season four, guys. After the trial, we're breaking this up, we're breaking the FTX story into seasons now. Got to save some good stuff for later. All right, I'm going to do a promotion about something that we're doing that you guys should definitely check out. Mining Week presented by Foundry kicks off on Monday. CoinDesk is going to take a closer look at an industry at a crossroads. Check out features on everything from everything about mining, policy, energy consumption, what mining has to do with skulls and hot tubs. Now I'm intrigued. It's all coming your way next week. 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