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Where you can demonstrate expertise. And ben you know talked about that and he also talked about informational interviews. Because we're in now. I don't know how many times you see this each week. But he go on linked in in the sec. The the see probably about once a week at least the post out there going. Hey i if you're if you're unemployed and i've ever worked with you and i've ever known you reach out. I'm here to help. Which i think it's a great sense of community for people to be able to do that. And it's great that they're doing that. But the flip side of that. And what i really took from ben's conversation ben struck me as a lifelong learner and a lifelong connector because he was talking about the notion of informational interviews always looking to grow from each and every conversation he had. So that's something that stuck out for for me with that conversation particularly with his transition. He needed to do that. I mean talk about challenges landing a job in the midst of a global pandemic of. It's not easy to do. But he pulled it off and you're right. it's i think it's he approached from the right. Mindset that you know i'm gonna i'm gonna take those informational interviews or request those information even if there's not a lot of chance for or if the organization isn't maybe hiring right at the moment i still want to get familiar with who they are and learn more about their perspective and and that's that's important and and it's a two way street right so i think it's part of mentor ship as well when you advance professionally. Ought to be willing to do things like that. So and yeah. It's been cool to see all of the the folks post on there linked and that they're ready to help for for some of the people that we know are struggling because folks have lost jobs and i certainly know if you and you may know as well that you know either pre pandemic for whatever reasons layoffs etcetera a couple of people that are in that boat that you know that happened to them on the front side and so then trying to find that job during the pandemic as difficult as well. Yeah no i. Matter of fact i had a conversation with someone i knew. I know i serve on a board with this individual within town for an arts organization and she worked at an event planning group so a function of marketing. And there's only so much juice to go around on the virtual event sphere and it still doesn't require the same logistics the same resources and so a lot of those types of organizations and event planning goes deep back to my days. Okay you. I was in one of the student run organizations at the university kansas student union activities that a lot the event pointer so that kind of runs deep in my soul. It's a it's quite inexperienced. Pull off a live event project right so a lot of those folks have lost have lost jobs and she's finding herself and we had a conversation yesterday about she's reinventing herself a little bit and creating your own business and we're going to. We're going to help her launch a website. But it's you know it's which that experience kinda reminds me probably goes all the way back to our you know our first guest john All and the conversation we had there. Were you know. Ben band kind of tough one step further around basically extending those conversations and turning it into a learning opportunity but john was really the one that provided some great tips around. How do you start to develop a relationship remember. We talked about top of mind with him up. Top of which i think was the presentation diabetes day and yeah i t was a great guest to kick off with because those are teams that we want to carry forward throughout the throughout the show even as we move forward. I'm just sorry. We didn't get a chance to john's now. Some of his attention to effective time management right with a whole calendar dot com thing. We got so appropriately. So busy talking about the subject of our show and i would have loved to explore that more with him but only so many minutes in a segment right only so many minutes in a segment. You've taught me that here. Well the innate where even considered long-form here right radio segments. We've been done in three minutes in your out or a tv segment. I would've loved to talk to time with john. We did a little bit a little bit more from feature functionality standpoint and some of the capabilities that they had with calendar dot com. But that's become a real issue in the work from home culture during the or the boundary. The word how do you set boundaries. When do you turn off my wife. And i've had conversations about that too. It's just because i'm still working primarily from home. She's in the office pretty about ninety five percent of the time. She's got some office management duties at her place of business. And so yeah. I think a lot of households are that way and so you know. The traditional even roles and patterns of of daily life have been really really disrupted. But i'm still i'm mitch mitch. Get back out you know. I think a lot of marketing are extroverts. Right and so yeah. We've become caged animals after after so long but so that's another reason. I'm glad we're hearing you're here to do this. Yes great feels great. Yeah i i'm probably you're probably a lot like me though matt. You're probably if i know you do a little moonlighting around some professional sports. It seems like the one thing from a boundary standpoint client not client co peer boss. They to understand this halo around the chiefs of course. So it's like. Hey man the chiefs games on. Don't you don't call me. During the chiefs game seriously. And the beauty of that is because of the panda if there was a silver lining to the pandemic. It's been that the games have been on tuesdays. They've been on thursday in like we might as well run chiefs game seven days a week and then we'll know they've started at like three thirty in the afternoon on a two on whatever. That was a tuesday or pattern to things that's been completely turned upside down right. Although there are still some axioms. I would still say. Do not go to costco. Two hours before kickoff chiefs game. You're not you're never gonna get through the checkout line that's true pandemic or your pandemic granola. I believe it well that that's behavioral right. We've got some behavioral things that we have an interesting behavioral guest coming up. We do we do and a good transition. Because i'd love for us to talk about some of the people that would talk about in terms of our next guests and reached out to them. And and these are. These are going to be folks. You're going to be hearing soon. I don't know if grant studied costco behavior but may may not have. But we're going to be welcoming grant gooding who you're referring to grants a local marketing guy who is. I've heard speak two or three times now. And it's fascinating he centers around this area. He calls a emotional data but he's a brilliant analytics and certainly a very sophisticated marketing researcher. So he'll be of course able to talk about that. Which i think will definitely be very interesting but also been around for a long time and a lot of younger marketers. I think will absolutely be able to talk about professional development as well with granted addition to his toes very specific take on analytics from the perspective of data really excited to have grant on so so he's going to be a great great guests coming out of the chute and then some other people that problem. You know one. That i would mention is jessica best has been at barclay rate local agency that we all know for a long time and influence fluence before that jessica and many of you may have heard jessica but every time i hear i get something new because you know her specialty over the last few years and i've had her come in to speak to my classes has been around. Email market has You know and and we've sort of been conditioned or prodded into thinking that you know email. Marketing may not be that effective a tool. but she's here to beg to differ and you've probably heard her speak as well and so i think let's get into when we have our end. Let's remind ourselves to make sure we get into that with her because she's got a very specific tag around email marketing. That i think people may you may find very refreshing. Definitely not dead. I'll get a little preview. Oh yeah what's old is new. It's all interested talk with her about. Roi of email of all. What the value is. I saw a study recently where it showed the type of marketing channel. So few were able. If you're able to acquire an email lead versus a a facebook follower verses a click to a website. What the roy is on each of those data points are elements and it showed it showed that email had the highest roi and was worth dollars for an email address wall and that was kind of a baseline across all industry. So it just kinda struck me. What's old is new again. Time to definitely talk to jessica. The other interesting thing. I think about jessica is this is a person that's really create. You know we talk all the time about creating your brand and really finding your niche and and building your brand. And she's really done that. Well i mean. She speaks around the country on this topic. And of course many of us were were on these experts that we're really glad that is here local so that we can tap into her knowledge and expertise but she's been pretty methodical and and very strategic about building her brand and and and so i think she she probably would have some some good things to say in that vein as well. And when i see jessica generally it's a good eatery too so i may pick her brain injuries for so last time i saw her. I saw at the russell. We're having lunch at a couple tables apart from me from one. Another where might pick your brain on the the next best eatery. Yeah absolutely couple. Other folks might just mentioned ben that we've talked to. We're real excited to to have join us. This is a lady that i worked with gosh twenty plus years ago Both of us were at a local large agency. That had three letter. Initials and kristen petrillo madonna madonna. We'll get that name right before. Kristen comes on kristen. Is now the senior. Vp marketing for firehouse subs and i heard her not long ago. On another podcast. That happened to be related to crisis communications. Which is an interesting area by talking about the challenges that the big national brands have in in a pandemic kind of environment and whether that be in the pandemic are now as things have continued to open up. And you know those kinds of challenges and opportunities so kristen's local person university of missouri worked in in the agency businesses. I mentioned here with many of us couple decades ago and and then as people are are want to do Moved out to the coast. I think now she's actually in florida. Which is where the firehouse sub headquarters is but really excited to get kristen. Because she'll have a unique tech as well on not just career path but also obviously working in segment of heavy. Be to see that that you know many of our listeners. I'm sure are interested in your. The bbc component and and i was just kidding about the restaurant situation. I didn't intend to segue into yeah. We're transitioning well again. But you talk about you said crisis communication there are probably a few industries that have been hit quite as hard as the restaurant industry. The food food industry with the end amac. i mean. i'm sure there are several others. That have been quit. You know hit nearly as hard. But it'd be. It'd be interesting to talk to her and get her perspective on how they dealt with that you know kovic shutdowns those types of situations i was you know at a pharmacy but a couple weeks ago and we were about ready to walk into the pharmacy to pick up a prescription and the store manager stopped out and said the store's been closed immediately until further notice. Which kinda told me that either. There was a gas leak or there was a known infection. Sure right so. I have one retail client. That's food industry as you know and we i've been sharing a lot of crisis messaging on if there's anything from a traceability standpoint fortunately knock on. I have no wood to knock on board sitting out of ball outside a hole in the new studio. Rent's gonna need to fix. I need. I need just a block of wood that you and i could just if you just knock on. But we've been fortunate to not have one of the restaurant owners have a have a case right so and i'm sure with the footprint that they have kristen will be able to speak to that too good to jabber about that. Yeah absolutely and then just you know In talking to some other people as well a young pr pro here. strategic communicator. In town andy andy. A little bit really excited to get and on in. I've worked together therm over the years. He's on my advisory board for our master's degree program at ku has his own shop now but doing strategic communications very well has also a person that really has put a lot of thought into building his brand and building. His corner of of expertise has really interesting and of mini video vignette kinds of series that. He's done on lincoln and other kinds of things which i think is really interesting. Maybe to get him to talk some about that and but has also worked for big brands. So he was a hallmark for a while. I was also hr blah or not not h. and r. block home. I will definitely hallmark. Amc theaters amc theaters with years hallmark. Lock and i saw that he actually started at sprint. So yeah he. And i worked together. Spent had some overlap brenton and he also was locked and and if if i'm not mistaken andy's also a cancer survivor. Yes yeah absolutely so i. He's got some really intr- interesting interesting background but just really impressed with him. He's been willing to do so much for me in terms of some students. We've had and mentoring them and and you know he's already but maybe ten fifteen years behind maybe you and i but as again i think a really interesting perspective on career growth looking forward to getting andy and as well. Yeah so we got some guests coming up. We have some great. Yes very cool gas coming up well and folks were excited that you were hanging out with me and matt to hear us kind of give a little bit of a retrospective on our first several months together very excited to have you participate and listen to us with as we bring on some additional guests so any any before we sign off and he kind of closing thoughts remarks on just kind of the first our first month's together in this wild world of plenty twenty. It's been great. I can still remember you. And i i think we were grabbing a quick bite to eat at the abc world conference in vancouver and and we just gotta gb koumba to kind of take the podcast format and really drill down into professional development. And what it takes to build your ear and advance your career. And it's been cool to see that you know come to fruition in the way that it has and certainly very excited to continue over the over the next few months and it's been it's been fun to see emails drivel and saying hey heard the episode with mike. It was really cool and hadn't heard from him in a while. Good to know what he's got going on and where he's going so just you're building community. Building community is what it's all about. Yeah and i and i anybody. That's within a marketing member organization here in the kansas city area. If you happen to be listening wanna give a shout out to you if you've been sharing the show or listening to the show as matt's talking about community. We've had several organizations. I know reach out to us. And they've proactively shared the show with their members. Or i know matt you were invited as a guest to speak to to a group for casey. I see a little bit about your experiences here with doing the show with me so which i hope they were kind to me along the way but But we wanna give a shout out and thanks. Dan marketing member organizations. I mean that's part of the reason why we're doing. This is the extend that conversation that you have each and every month and we're hoping you're still able to have them. I know i've been a member of the social media club and it's been we here. We're thinking city. It's been a challenge and we had one networking happy hour at iron district for ad club in the last couple months. It's been a really challenging year. For as you mentioned where social social animals and social creatures and not being able to get together for lunch ins and breakfasts and having new all virtual. We're glad we've been able to fill a little bit of that void by being able to just participate in this with us but we're anxious and really eager to get out and see you all again too. So thank you for for listening to the show. Definitely don't stop thinking about your career and just you know we'll get we'll get there eventually. Wear a mask social. Wash your hands. Wash your hands and we'll you know we'll keep this conversation going so thanks for joining us. This time. we look forward to having you join us for future shows. And it's looking like it's gonna be some emotional analytics with grant gooding all right. Take care of everyone. If you found value in today's episode check us out on our website cultivated marketer dot. You'll also be able to subscribe to us rate us and leave a comment on your favorite podcasts platform. Such as apple podcasts. Spotify and stitcher remember a garden of opportunity grows with cultivated marketer..

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