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We always have a good time doing this love hearing your calls from all over the state of Georgia. We even have some from North Carolina occasionally a couple of Ohio people every now and then pop in in the early hours of the show. So we'll go straight out to Tucker and say good morning to Jonathan. Hey, how are you? Good. How are you? Guys. Have a great show real quick. Just have a quick question about transplanting, a Japanese maple. And then also what's the best turf weed control? You can spray on your turf and will not kill the turf that will kill the weeds. All right. Let's tackle that first. We have a product how we beat her ultra. That's great this time of year. It's a selective herbicides. It will not hurt your turf. It does not do rag grass though. I mean Bowen, I don't think it does that we have to have something else that would do that with it. But it'll allow on its own anyway, but the the we'd beater ultra will work at lower temperatures. And that's the problem with some the rest of the work until it gets warm us up. That's a beater Oltra. Okay. Yes, sir. What what what type of turf grass? Do. You have emerald zoysia Janka. So good news. Is you know, ninety percent of the the ways that are in the lawn right now are actually winter wheats gonna be dying off anyway, dine off right? You know, soon as it warms up. So you can choose to do nothing as far as controlling those weeds this time of year, but what you might want to try to do this time of year is put out a pre merchant herbicide that's gonna prevent the summer weeds from coming up. So it's not too late to put out the the pre emergent rail right now perfect timing on. Okay. Great great as soon as it doesn't rain for a few days. Right. You actually need rain. You know for you have to water in the pre merging. So you could hear okay right dry day. Like today, you probably could go out and put it out and then rains tomorrow, then that's just perfect. So it only needs to be on the on the grass as far as the the the granular pre emergent just for a day or so, right? The pre merger. It has to be in contact with the soil. Very good. Water. Yes. Yes. Ma'am down to the soil. Okay. And then so Jonathan transplanting Japanese made. Well, how tall is it? How big are we talking Jonathan? It's probably about. It's probably about eight feet tall now. So it's going to have a big old heavy root ball. I know. But. Yeah. Phone is usually the best time to move trees, and shrubs, and so forth divide your plants and so forth. But I just have to move it. You know, say go ahead and move it. If you can move it with a large as the largest possible a ball. They're probably not a deep root ball. It's probably just wide ladder than India's deep. So that's gonna be a challenge. Yeah. And you really don't have to get all of that dirt. I mean as long as you can get the roots. That's what's important. In fact, that's what Walter said recently. He's been saying don't worry too much about the dirt just brakes. I have to drive it from Tucker to to canton. So it's it's my children's tree and sold the house and still have the tree there. And the new owners are allowing me to to. Transplant the tree and take it up to Cam. So how how long can it stay out of the ground? I mean, you come lowers. It's not gonna be. Is going to hurt. But, but, you know, also think about yeah, we have quite a few professional tree movers tree companies here in Atlanta. They have trucks with huge spades. I can actually just lift the tree up and. Happen transported for you. So if you're concerned about survivability, then probably that's the best route to go. It's would they do it all in one day. Yeah. They'll definitely do it all in one day. That's an option expensive option. Dig the other whole before moving. So that way, I can just move it from one place and put it right in that whole thing. And don't play. Thank you very much. Thank you for your time. Thank you Jonathan best of luck to you. That is quite the chore. My goodness. But I mean, the the emotional reasons for wanting. It really seems that when people call about transplanting trees Japanese Maples right up there at number one. And number two that is what people want a transplant. Personal name. It just don't wanna leave it behind. You wouldn't really I have missed me Augie. Kevin George in. I forgot what the other team. Anyway, I've got like six. That's great. And they do really well. Can you.

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