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Ap radio news i'm fit maguire democrats accused president trump of making unsavory insinuations and his tweet attacking new york democratic senator kirsten jila brand the president writing the jilib abroad would come to his office begging for campaign contributions and do anything to get them she calls the attack on a sexist smear i will not be silent on this issue neither will the women who stood up the yesterday gillaibrand has called for trump's resignation because of numerous allegations of sexual misconduct against him members of the democratic women's working group in congress have sent a letter to the house committee on oversight and government reform demanding an investigation in the locations of sexual misconduct against the president for the congresswoman lowest frankel the chair of the working group tells reporters needs to movement has arrived as sexual abuse will not be tolerated whether it's by a hollywood producer the chef of a restaurant a member of congress or the president of the united states as he has in past elections alabama republican roy moore road on horseback to the polls in rural northeast alabama to cast his ballot in the senate race against democrat doug jones go up luther we have tremendous burnout the want is more has been under a cloud of controversy since several women accused him of sexual misconduct when he wouldn't is in his thirties and they were teenagers he has denied the allegations his democratic opponent is also voted today teacher kelly chafing cast her ballot for jones i think it was important for me to vote for joe.

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