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Ask. Were you like to play where you not like to play in Saint Louis is on the place. I don't like the. Oh, oh, oh, no. So now the years are burning from Bernie Miklas Michelle small Benny, Chris raunchy ESPN Saint Louis. This is not going to be good. Oh boy. So now, we had five hundred miles south, and I fifty five to the city of St Louis or the whereabouts where we find an unhappy yacht here Molina the veteran cardinal catcher the old man sticking up for his city. Yeah. To your Molina with Chris Brian said, and this is what he responded by saying all stars elite players and leaders of their teams, do not speak bad about any city. There should be. They should be respected and you should play in compete with respect only stupid players and losers. Make comments like the ones made by Bryant and Dempster. Okay. Now, the situation here in Chicago in Saint Louis. Let me let me try to speak in code here for Kris Bryant, I think what Kris Bryant means Jonathan is. You know when you're a professional baseball player. There are some cities you love to go to and others that are not quite as fun. I didn't Jalen rose once chronicle this the life of an NBA player on the road. There are some cities where you can't wait to head out. And there are other cities where you get the, you know, the turndown service in early hotel champagne and campaign. That's what he would talk about UBS. I like city you just chill in the row. New York, you go and go out and have a good time. Yeah. I think that's that's that's kind of what we're Kris. Bryant is headed here. And let me also be very clear here. My wife is from Saint Louis. Yes. You know, my way around west county everyone. I I am a Saint Louis supporter if you can be one living in Chicago your whole life. Yes. I I can spot your wife anywhere. She's the one with the the Nellie band-aid, correct? George. Yes, we got her hair fixed the terrible haircuts down. There was don't ask all good beautiful hair. But then Nellie band-aid, even when Nellie took the band aid off. She kept it up. Right. But look Saint Louis. It's there I'm sure it's a wonderful place to live, but you do have to admit there's not a ton going on downtown. We're an average major league baseball player would like to go out and about and be seen your. I'm saying I mean, there's just not a lot downtown. Don't do that. Don't do this. Saint Louis is fine. Saint Louis is fine. That's was one of our fine cities one Saint Louis is airing our show, please don't let us get banned off of one on one St Louis have friends there Ronge and Kevin Wheeler. Don't don't do that. They would agree with me. No. They would not agree with you. And you know, who also would disagree with you. Mike, shannon. Steer wanted. He would not be happy with you. Also, he loves Saint Louis. So don't don't do that. I I have no problem with Saint Louis, Missouri. Now, here's the thing. I think he might have been here. We don't know Kris Bryant usually didn't say anything. So this is why they was so surprising. I think you almost perfect in and try to get the fan base behind the cubs. There was there a capacity crowd there for the interview. And there he was just talking about Louis. And of course, the fans there. Those terrible eight say that that's one of the reasons why. But Saint Louis with all the times I've been there. I was just there last year. Saint Louis is fine. The landing there, you're plenty of bars and restaurants. It's a baseball Centric city. It's fine. Oh, stop. I mean, look, I look if if we're going to play the sound that we're gonna talk about crossing that bridge in Saint Louis. I mean, I just gotta say that. From a Kris Bryant perspective. I know what he's talking about. He's not going to the local fish fry at the private school. Okay. I get that. But that's a wonderful place to live. Road trip that if you're a professional. Okay, here's the last. I'll stop now. I not want to get a span from Saint Louis ESPN. There are good friends. Yes, listen, we we are on a lot of affiliates. Don't don't get banned off of. Louis. I love Saint Louis love ESPN, St Louis arm, saying is there are those trips every year where you might wanna bring the wife too. All right. Like New York, Chicago Miami. There are some trips where you probably would say we'll pass on this one. Okay. Okay. Let let's do a little deeper dive here before we get thrown off callers from Saint Louis. I sent them on the screen now. That's not coming from Saint Louis. Pretty mad a little over blown sideway Molina would be that upset about what Kris Bryant said. Okay. Well, I I have no problem with St Louis. I'm driving hood. I have no problem with Saint Louis. I got traveled down there. At least a couple times a year. So I have no problems I've had family there. So let let's get to the point of it. Here this rekindles, let me get back to the sports here before kicked off here. We're not gonna let it back on the Ozarks. The ozarks. I will tell you that this will rekindle the rivalry has already been a great rivalry between the cubs and the cardinals for so many years. I think that just the idea that Saint Louis was able to go all in for Goldschmidt to improve the team and the cubs kind of wavering. Here. Don't know if the cubs we'll make it back to the World Series. Joe man could be out after the season. And a lot of coaching changes there on that staff and the cubs are unwilling to spend the money to get Bryce Harper or many Machado. So I just think that all of that is all encompassing for a very interesting. NFL central coming up this spring and summer. What a pro you are you took me you pulled me away from the edge from the abyss. You pulled me back, and you hopefully have maintained this show status the affiliate in Saint Louis. This is what happens when we have to switch roles at times where I have got if I'm the one that I've gotta able to goes back to where we need to be to focus on the rivalry and the cubs and cardinals. It should be interesting now, especially from the comments from Kris Bryant and then the off season from the cardinals it really should rekindle..

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