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Meteorologist Aaron Peck with your KPIX five KCBS forecast we have traffic and weather together on the eights on KCBS it's four fifty one Tom Appian Kathy Whitman or editing or news continues a new study is giving doctors a better look at how the corona virus operates specifically how long it takes to go from initial infection to full blown symptoms KCBS is Susan Lee Taylor has the story doctor just unless there's an associate professor with the Bloomberg school of public health at Johns Hopkins University and lead the study that determined the incubation time for the coronavirus about fifty percent of people will develop symptoms by five days it takes about twelve days for close to a hundred percent five to twelve days is actually pretty typical for respiratory viruses that long tail that's important for deciding how long people should their self isolate after an exposure or how long we should do active monitoring or formal quarantine what the study doesn't tell us is how long we're contagious once we have the virus however operating under the assumption we're not very contagious before showing symptoms and doctor Leffler is quick to say they don't know that for sure it does give an idea as to how long it is until you are contagious with full blown symptoms Susan Lee Taylor KCBS fears about coronavirus have prompted many people to hop online to search for ways to improve the immune system KCBS can foster talk with the bay area internal medicine doctor about what works Dr unread muskrat internal medicine specialist with promise health in San Francisco so this one vitamin he recommends his patients take to boost the I mean system it's important vitamin D. as in dog four T. cell function which is what fight off infections so what we want is we want to make sure people are getting adequate amounts of people haven't been tested recently they need to be tested Mr also says food is medicine turmeric which is really a common spice in many foods and particularly Asian dishes Indian dishes but apart from that garlic is known to be pretty potent of this community he also recommends exercising moderately and fasting sixteen to eighteen hours a day the bottom line though there's no magic pill to protect you from the new coronavirus but there are ways to give your immune system a boost can foster KCBS Starbucks is going green again money watches Diane king hall explains the Java giant began testing a more environmentally friendly paper cups and some cafes yesterday the card have a liner made from biodegradable elements instead of a plastic liner Starbucks will be asking its paresis for feedback on if the new cops keep drinks hot and avoid leaks it's Diane king hall up for sale the very stage where the Beatles played their first concert at Julien's auctions planning to sell that stage from Latham holders Liverpool England the Beatles played three of played there I should say for one time under the name the silver beats on may fourteenth nineteen sixty before changing their name to the silver Beatles and then finally to the Beatles only go to the money once stocks close sharply higher includes the second this is report sponsored by first Republic bank Jason Brooks a relief rally for the stock market after Monday's massive selloff stimulus measures are emerging in Washington and Wall Street like to see that the Dow climbed eleven hundred sixty seven points to twenty five thousand eighteen nasdaq gained three hundred ninety three points to eighty three forty four and the S. and P. surged one hundred thirty five points to twenty eight eighty two recession fears are rising because of the corona virus outbreak hammering the stock market while certain sectors of the economy deal with the fallout of canceled travel conferences and events but there are some retailers and manufacturers who are flying above the fray namely disinfected makers.

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