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It Hits Hawes on these loops and it allows you to experience yourself without the loop and I think that. You then can have the type of realization. You did six days later saying Oh. Mike Reid at night as you're. My trump microbe I'm upside down. Since let's if we could and I and I know this doesn't have to be this example but to talk about process the diamonds example is fun I. Think because of how tightly it was done a given you a to catch in a car waiting for you. Could. But but you you have these expressions. And you have a very clear thinking around your songwriting and you've talked about I've heard you talked about strong titles and the the ability to to Google, right in the case of Chandelier. Milking the metaphor you you think about this very concrete really can you just give an example of your process? Yeah I mean now it's sort of training but. When I first started by manager said, well, he said to me something that. monumentally important which was. Basically. What I needed to be doing this bay riding high-concept us going I. think he was calling high concept I, think that's what he's sitting and then I googled it in that iggy makes sense to me so that big brother I was like we're again get my quote him back in on like what do you mean? Like Mall. Take something and then. Oh. Hang on. Do you mean like piggy-bank like I'm not I'm not your piggy bank and he was like, yeah, I was like Oh. Okay. I think I've got all right. I'm worry I don't WanNa be Yo piggy-bank like. Like, yeah. That's got a bit not it but it. and. Then I'd know week later I wrote tiny and that was the first one I roy. So I started A. Channel the melody but then I st- I was I'm consciously writing down things that I thought would be good titles, global titles or that would be good metaphors or catchy. And so that was decided to be fun game, and so that's what I did for a long time but yesterday I wrote is. That is just on the verge of cheese testing. which is IRA some about New Year's Eve. It's called three minutes to midnight. So you put the song on three minutes to midnight. And then everyone can countdown together. So if you just press play three minutes to midnight, it's like I will never play the song and it's Silly and fun and I'd met one I almost freestyle the entire thing. So yeah. Some days I'm very formulaic and somedays not as somebody's people give me very specific. You know what they want for an antisocial. In of a movie, what they need or you know or you know what reaction is looking at the moment sound she's a war he is attracted she really likes the United. Sometimes. I get direction and I take it I just take it and I I don't work so much with artists anymore but it was so helpful to work with artists because like. I am really good at like being of service. So I could totally eight sheet sandwiches Rhode Island like if I were like divas or whatever, and because I knew, I would still be getting sixty percent or thirty cents or whatever of the publishing. Dissuade them saying something extremely silly or a bad. Then I've done my job but you now that if they wanted to sing a song about something that I found Bonello stupid or that that was fine the I'm just there to support what they're trying to do and. I'm out challenged him some degree. It's very, very bad but otherwise I'm just but that was really helpful to me because of that helped me I think in terms of becoming a direct. Right right in redoubling and talk about that I for I wanNA pause bookmark for a second for people who don't understand the. Peculiarities or the intricacies of the the music business and he said the percentage is a publishing. Can you explain what that means for folks? Just they understand how different people make money in the music world? Yes. Publishing's really the only growth touring. If you're a called play, you might money. Oh, you too. But touring usually musicians will might a loss. Side really only March. She can sometimes make money but really the best way to make money in music if you're going to being Asian is to write as it and so. From is as pop split snus Irvine slits. And I can tell you that saw I guess an urban split is like whoever's in the room? Or whoever does one tiny word or something against tweeting you? Really I. Think I think that's an sleep but I don't do that. and. It was really funny because Betty Blanco like right me. It was like, why don't you? Why don't you? He's a producer heeds that what he did a whole bunch of hits he's disrupt seats law gets law. His will be stopped counting after he had ten top number one to me. Anyway. He was. He was riding the news like, why are you? Because he was working with a partner on producing a song and I believe that if Iran. Melody and the top line I get fifty was in his law. if you write the cards, you get fifty percent of the song and do the production you get paid for your. Separately aside from getting paid for the writing so a producer producer they sisal might thirty forty grand for producing a song that means for using his main. Putting. All of the sounds in all of the piano sale via violence sound or or the the vice in the end debate that skulk production. songwriting prices literally just courts. And Melody. And lyrics. So cords are worse fifty percent of publishing. and. Lyrics and melody are worth fifty percent publishing. And then if you go on producing, you get a fee for producing. So I'm sorry lackey I wrote the courts to Chandelier. Can you explain what that means because I think cores I. Think strumming like a C.. Or A D. on a guitar but I don I. Don't know if I'm thinking of the same thing. About it like it's so forrest. I guess it's. On Piano And they make court and so. I'm doing I'm doing the knowledge of be like. that's four different like and then for different nights. I, and then you you give that to the producer they put it. They take that they put it in just since you mentioned the the piano. and. Near. That Chandelier I did again, right reports. But I then I sent them to Jesse Shatkin and I said you might song out of this unheated production and Nice Guy Twenty five percent of the publishing but I'm I'm not required to do that like I could have one hundred percent of the song and paid him his production. Forty thousand volts. Let's say. And Melody is the sound of the voice or the and..

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