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It would be really difficult. For for for Aaron Rodgers not to show up, but this is what's going to happen. With the with the contract will be very difficult. So I know Aaron Rodgers probably isn't happy. The best thing for Aaron Rodgers that do this year because sitting out doesn't make sense or not reporting the training camp doesn't make sense financially because the Packers could just say Okay, then sit out. You all this money back? We don't have the quarterback, but we're not going to the quarterback anyway. I think that makes the most sense to do right now. For Aaron Rodgers is too alright. Keep sitting out Don't show up, but once training camp starts Get back in there. Have your press conference where you have to answer questions lie if you want to. But and then move on because your best chance to win this year is in your current situation. It's not by being traded to Denver. It's not by sitting out and waiting till next year. I think Aaron Rodgers should report this year. I don't know if he's going to or not. And I'm not sure if the Packers really deep down inside one him, too, as well. I'm sure they like them back, but they don't want to have to grovel anymore at getting them back. Right. They've traveled to see him separately in the off season. They have apologized to him for drafting Jordan love or whatever the issue is, but he is not over it yet. And the president of the Packers. Mark Murphy over the weekend, said that called Aaron Rodgers quote a complicated fella. Which he is a complicated fella. But it doesn't and it really in itself shouldn't be a big deal. The fact that we're in this situation right now, and he's speaking Lee speaking openly about it, and Mark Murphy, the package president has always has already admitted. That it's dividing the fan base. He knows that you have people that are saying, What are you doing? Do whatever it takes to get Aaron Rodgers happy and you have the other people that are saying, like, Hold on a second. Like, what do you want to have a really good team. What's your problem, man? Like Jordan loves not taking your job. But telling you Aaron Rodgers sees as seen what's happened with quarterbacks around the NFL. He sees what happened with Tom Brady. Tom Brady is not happy. He goes to Tampa Bay. Tampa based says What do you need? Tom won a championship. They're going forward again. Aaron Rodgers was once the Green Bay Packers to have more urgency in China win right now. Drafting a quarterback in the first round in Jordan. Love is an urgency to win right now that's worrying about your future. And Aaron Rodgers looks at at Tom Brady and what the bucks are doing and says That should be me. That's what we should be doing right now, and we're not Taking a conservative approach. Russell Wilson, he saw he saw what happened with Tom Brady. He looks at his team and says they're not listening to me. They listen to time in Tampa. Tom's bringing in guys Tom's part GM part coach. I want that same type of role here in Seattle. You know what the Seahawks didn't they? They did it. He kissed his, but publicly, they said everything they needed to pop privately into the Adam Schefter is of the world. They didn't put out. Bad stories about Russell Wilson. They tighten it up. They, they they at least right now he's happy that could very easily end at the end of the season if they don't win again, But at least Russell Wilson's onboard this year you need to get Aaron Rodgers on board and I don't know if it can happen, but it doesn't seem like to me that the Packers are fully committed. To making that happen. As much as they say. We want to back in everything else. The behavior of the president of the team doesn't doesn't suggest to me that he's 100% on board with kissing Aaron Rodgers. But To get them back and let's remember this isn't this would be an instance where ownership gets involved, and the owner gets involved because the quarterback that's making 40 year in the owner have a unique and special relationship. There's no owner for the For the Green Bay Packers. There's the president. There are publicly owned team that they they're publicly traded. They're owned by the fans, essentially You don't have an owner getting involved. You have a president that feels the way that he feels. Alright, let's go. Let's take a phone call before we get out of here. David in Dallas. David, how are you? You're on CBS Sports radio. How about on John Nowhere and drilled Morgan Sunday night baseball for me? I don't know how you are. I'm 37. They were Basically like Generational thing Growing up Sunday night, my family would always go get You know? And then we were army. We looked everywhere, but we don't with the Italian somewhere. Back and watch the game while we ate dinner at the restaurant with Gerald Morgan. And John Miller. Yeah, I don't know what it is, but didn't the game seen bigger? Back then with John Morgan or with John Miller and Joe Morgan, Right, like it felt like he was a real event. It was Sunday night Baseball now with a Rod Uh huh. And and it's also like and I don't watch as much or really anywhere close to the amount of national baseball that I used to. But David backed into your point. It was appointment TV for me. I would always watch Sunday Night baseball John Miller and Joe Morgan. We're great together, I agree. Oh, yeah, And will do me is they always have a couple of years. Everybody wouldn't Everybody want him gone? Sometimes you don't know what you got to have done because look at it now, like you're saying with ESPN, they basically major sideshow. It's basically the outs. Rodriguez Sunday night baseball. It is now you're right verse verse for Ski Jin. He just kind of is there and a Rod won't shut up. Yeah, It's not very good anymore. But Joe Morgan, the late great Great job organ. Thank you for the call. David. Uh, yeah. Joe Morgan. Was He was a really good player. For a number of teams played laid into believe his early forties, he was the Philadelphia Philly in 1983. They call him the wheeze kids. Tony Perez was 40. Joe Morgan was 40 Pete Rose's 40 All plus 40 all on the same team. All the old Reds that were there made the World Series lost two lost to the Orioles and Cal Ripken. And Jim Palmer. But that was a you know, like, I love Joe Morgan. You know, baseball. Baseball team's grown up for me, it was Joe Garagiola. That would do a lot of the NBC Sunday afternoon game. So you actually had Vince Scully in the mid the late eighties. You had Vin Scully doing play by play on the national game on NBC. And yet, Joe Garagiola. As the analyst on there. And that was national baseball to me the first what I remember from national baseball, and then from there, he moved over the Fox and Joe Buck came in. I guess Sean McDonough did some things in the in the nineties, too. For NBC after after Scully stopped doing the national stuff, but that was it. I mean, it's amazing because when you think of football broadcasters and even college football, Brent Musburger was awesome for all those years, Keith Jackson was so good For so many years. Verne Lundquist. He did pro as well. But he I think he's he's best known for through an SEC games in golf like they're just giants huge stars, and then you go to baseball. It's more local right, like Marty Brennaman in in Cincinnati Hawk Harrelson in Chicago, Harry Carey in in Chicago. Now it's John Sterling in New York. But you had Mel Allen and Phil Rizzuto in Philadelphia was Harry Kallis. Did it for so many years. So baseball really is. It's a local thing with announcers and then nationally. Nationally, We look at all the football announcers as kind.

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