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Today it's exude dot org traffic on the tens every ten minutes mornings and afternoons data has news ninety three point one K. B. K. for tonight will be partly cloudy and cold tonight will level thirty to thirty four tomorrow expect sunshine and patchy clouds tomorrow of a high of fifty eight to sixty two Thursday will have plenty of sunshine Thursday with a high sixty one to sixty five I'm accu weather's true Shannon news ninety three point one K. F. B. K. fifty four in Carmichael fulsome now fifty two Roseville fifty two degrees at five twenty one good afternoon I'm Kitty o'neill graduate this let's check some business money news Kelly brothers is with Jenna these Burford and brothers the retail apocalypse continues today was Macy's announcing they're shutting down one hundred and twenty five stores are also going to close our senses go tech office with a thousand employees some of those will be able to relocate but they're expecting at least eight hundred jobs will be lost in San Francisco alone Disney going the other direction and course Disney has kind of reinvented itself through the years but Disney plus has been a huge hit I mean it launched in November and as of today they have twenty eight point six million subscribers I mean they were hoping to get not a whole lot more than that well maybe double that but by the end of twenty twenty four they've got a long way to go they're adding subscribers just about every day they haven't even rolled out completely internationally market overall today higher as China's injecting liquidity into their system trying to keep the economy going during the corona virus scare so the Dow's up four hundred eight points to twenty eight thousand eight oh seven nasdaq up one ninety four ninety four sixty seven the S. and P. up forty eight major averages Dow positive for twenty twenty gold out twenty three fifteen fifty seven ounce ten year bond yield one point six percent all right thanks Kelly there on KFBK well right now we're finally getting somewhere with the results from the Iowa caucuses I talked with ABC's or Ryan borough short time ago yeah finally I I wish I could have reported this to you at about nine o'clock on Monday died but that wasn't no yeah working edges we can walk through that issue all but look look look at these numbers first of all the the initial totals that we're getting sixty three percent sixty two percent of the precincts reporting and all people to judge leading the way when it comes to state delegate a quick one that doesn't necessarily mean that all the most people talk is for him but he was one of the leaders and it's just kind of the way that the state delegates are kind of give it up what are we talking about in terms of returns at this point we're talking about two percent of the delegates on hold so all you got to kind of take some of this information is going to fall but having another goodnight senator Bernie Sanders all we know that Jack Elizabeth Warren finished in third or at least release two showing in third not such a great night for Joe Biden who in these initial numbers is important and you've got any colder chars well so definitely some ground that needs to be gained from the Joe Biden campaign if you could kind of tell by what they were saying when all of this was going down about how you know the numbers one being the least they were the ones that we're trying to slow this process down something that they were doing that because they didn't want any of the other candidates to win the news cycle and and indicate that that maybe he didn't have.

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