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More wild than the L. they were that while so you'd be riding out it's like gather the Sears and in the fall and like these ones which you coming and they would take off like fifteen feet likes maybe just go like up hill like straight up a cliff and you like how much to get those back so like normally we ride for about ten days in the year to gather all of our town back that fall this is like two thousand and three we rode for twenty days just looking for these fifteen spears like if they were we gathered a few of them and but is like November the snow was starting to come in five of them were still missing so my grandfather's pretty mortified because like everybody knows like like a small community everyone knows that you like a band in your house out there and it's a total joke I'm like really it's just crashing have but you know he kind of moves on Christmas time since December and one of my second cousins is home from college and he's the slick ethic Nordic skier so he's out like fifteen miles from any road he's up at like twelve thousand five hundred feet on haystack peak any finds these five year away and they're like totally snowed in there there there's trees called Krumm Holtz which are like kind of wind blown in there's this five thousand they're just bunkered down in there thank you can't walk anywhere else out of the Krumm holds because there's you know like this much snow and so make you know second cousin sees and he's like well found the cows any skis skis they're back down and he tells my grandfather so this like puts everything back into motion they're like scheming it's like this epic Christmas where we're spending the whole time like ninety five percent of our conversations really how are we going to get these powers out and no one has any idea so they organize a big ski party like twenty people go in with slides and Hey just to like keep him alive while we figure out what to do and my dad group on the east coast to his family's visiting and they think he's totally deranged like this is all he talks about now like my grandfather and my dad like are we gonna like you know built a giant wall again are we gonna fly and like you know and then they remember there was this movie that my sister and I watched all the time when we were kids operation dumbo drop I don't know if anybody seen it like from nineteen ninety six like Denis Leary and they have to fly an elephant like through Thailand's.

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