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President Donald Trump try to persuade Ukraine's president to investigate former vice president Joe Biden the White House reacted to the substance of the inquiry in real time stepping up its engagement after facing persistent complaints were about Republican allies it wasn't doing enough to counter the allegations against the president ABC news has got an inside look at the lab were the possible link in vaping related illnesses has been discovered here's Jill Benitez now this is the lab where you first discover the vitamin a acetate the Wadsworth center in Albany New York making a stunning public health discovery scientists owing us they're safe containing samples for more than fifty patients here they isolate the liquid to spin it put it into a file then loaded into a specialized machine to extract the oil yes the same consistency as cannabis oil it's very willing I mean it's amazing to think that this is not sending off in your life Dr Howard Zucker is New York state's commissioner of health we're hearing from so many viewers to say I'd just been vaping because I'm trying to get off cigarettes I'm trying to stop smoking what do you say that there are other alternatives to stopping smoking cigarettes I would say I would not be fading anything you are unaware of what is in that and we should tell you when it came to legal medical marijuana the lab did not find any vitamin E. acetate they found it overwhelmingly in black market products that they tested but still these experts told us we don't know what we don't know a combination of factors could lead to these illnesses wanted it's a B. C. G. O. Benitez as a fragile ceasefire holds up along Israel's southern border with Gaza violence broke out to morning along the northern border militants in Syria firing rockets on the Golan Heights that miss their mark due to Israel's ironed all missile defense system ABC's Giordana Miller with more from Jerusalem Israeli army says it shot down for incoming rockets fired from Syria just before five AM local time residents on the Golan Heights heard here read sirens and explosions but no one was hurt according to initial assessments here Arron ordered the attack it comes exactly a week after Israel allegedly bomb to home in Damascus killing the son of an Islamic Jihad commander Assyrian watchdog group says Israel did retaliate today firing missiles on Ronnie back targets near Damascus International Airport Giordana Miller ABC news Jerusalem angry worldwide reaction to the new US position that it no longer considers Israeli settlements in the west bank to be a violation of international law more from ABC Tom rivers of the foreign desk the ship reverses four decades of American policy and further undermines Palestinian efforts to gain statehood leading Palestinian America to attend your departure of the US administration festival trump administration from international the referral they are replacing international with the law of the jungle international community overwhelmingly considers the settlements illegal based in part on the fourth Geneva convention which bars the occupying power from transferring parts of its own civilian population to occupy territory Somers ABC news of the foreign best company some eleven fifty and as a propellant urine's business update does go look at your money now Jennifer kasinga according to a shareholder lawsuits seeking to hold Boeing board members accountable the company's directors were careless in their oversight of the flawed seven thirty seven MAX airliner and failed to react probably after two crashes killed more than three hundred people while Boeing already faces dozens of claims from victims families the Delaware suit may be the first to target directors hi U. S. watchdog is backing a protest from Jeff Bezos's space company that challenge the Pentagon's military space launch procurement strategy the government accountability office agrees with blue origin's argument that the air force's decision to pick just to you off for competing rocket companies to watch a country's next line up of defense satellite for the next five years is flawed that's your money now Jennifer could Shinko komo news today on Wall Street has been mixed all along and right now we're continuing to have mixed numbers was a pretty a substantial ups and downs when it comes to the Dow and to the nasdaq right now the Dow is down eighty three and a third to twenty seven nine fifty two the nasdaq was up thirty four and a half to eighty five eighty for the S. and P. five hundred is just a couple points into positive territory to thirty one twenty fourth December seventh as the internet has changed so should the.

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