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Colorado in intensive care unit beds in larimer county have been full for weeks with a high number of coveted nineteen patients but in late september. Going into early october. Well it looked like the curve was flattening larimer county public health director. Tom gonzalez said he hoped. Cases would continue to trend down in that hospitals would be able to breathe. But that's not what happened county. Icu capacity remained close to or beyond one hundred percent. Through september and into october prompting public health officials to announce another indoor mask mandate. And we talked about that last week again. That will go into effect at noon. Today's so who does the mask mandate apply to. And what will it take to end it. Well the larimer county mass mandate includes the fact that face coverings that cover a person's nose and mouth will be required in all public spaces for people ages three and older again starting noon today. There are limited exceptions in which you don't need a mask including if you're one that cannot medically tolerate a face covering and while seated at a restaurant or while actively eating and drinking and here we go again and i am not a verana gist. I am not an epidemiologist. That don't play one on radio but could you explain to me why it is that we need where face covering for example and believe me. I'm a huge supporter of small businesses. It's such a multilayered multifaceted conversation. And i want small businesses that were so hard hit over the past eighteen months to be able to not only survive and thrive particularly restaurants bars. And those mom and pop shops that we so love but for the life of me. I could never understand why it is that you have to wear a mask when you walk into a restaurant but when you are seated well it's though you are like hermetically sealed in this kobe free zone because you're eating or drinking. It doesn't make any sense to me whatsoever. Can you explain it to me. And then you know all the plexiglass shields that we see in businesses just across the board that go up. Oh i don't know six feet. Well is that as far as the that spiky little virus travels. I mean it it just kind of goes up the wasps around round the ceiling and once again you're you're safe from contracting covert nineteen. Help me on this nine. Seven three five three thirteen ten dropped me..

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