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In her reprieve he's want she seeing the prince then she says. I it's I want to be part of that world that is part of your world in the in the reprieve because now the prince is the personification of that world. So she still wants to be Hyun. But all her hopes of Kinda got localized into have. He's also a gateway into that world. So Howard. He was he was you know just you he had a huge impact not everybody saw Howard I mean all the story people does he look at all the story and and some the writers and the directors and Donna and people like that worked with Howard the rest he he did you've seen that much time lecture I. Think he did that Donald Collusion Waking Sleeping Giddy. He did share his process with people that way ACTA, yeah his impact was was huge and he's never been replaced I mean every. You know he was unique and there've been wonderful composers since then but Howard. Howard was really the driver of a lot of things and and we liked his ideas fighting a Howard being. And I still don't know this day what he was at my but after we'd had that meeting with the Maury pitched all the ideas to us in New York. The next day we met with him for line two little restaurant. Still Remember your trump sandwich on dark rye and And that strength on a sandwich who I'm Chicago Guy couldn't imagine such but So But he said, you know you guys don't need me. You guys are doing fine. You don't need it all again. I know if that was a ploy passive aggressive, they know. But that is what we said said, no, we we like your ideas not. So he was really trying to beg off and say you guys are nice guys good guys near talented writers and you don't really need me you know jumping in and we know we love these ideas and so we said, no, we watch yard and so he's Now. Again, Howard Being Machiavelli in the Times I don't know whether it all that was a way our enemies even just his way just sussing out how much did we want him or whatever but we generally, we liked his ideas and you know during the creative process there were few here and there where he had an idea where we had a different take on it and then and sometimes I offered suggestions I thought had been hard to said No. No it's like that wreck the sun and he was right. So I'm talking out a few times..

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