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You've made really Steve Time. Thank you very much. Boys just remind extra time today features shack it and Frank Beach over on our youtube channel. Meanwhile ever on the website built bomb. What was given the task of name? The worst fifty premier league transfers in history. It's detailed it staff you. U2 enjoy just picked. Some of the big names is Craig is with welcome back in because in. Maybe some people aren't familiar with number number one and Aditya just ten story. It's hilarious story. This guy who's last glides spartans nonleague he claimed to be a nephew of the World Footballer of the George. Wear gone for some reason he got signed. That will come to what into getting a month's contract with Southampton and the story gets even more fantastical because he's actually brought on in a Premier League game for a few minutes and he has to be substituted very very quick ferry. Hurry embarrassing grab soon was your problem. And somehow the signing had gone behind his back and everything has been taken on roused. I remember sixty eight sang about this guy. He said when he trained with us I thought he was a member of the publicly run a reality. Tv compass professional football playing. The premise is a wonderful story. And it's one hundred percents through as it's an incredible tale that really you can make up. Meanwhile crate you take a look at the other. Forty nine which one stood out even particular. Well let me just go Slightly caveats story to that transfer. Ho The hell is slept through the Renton managed to get a contract as Ian said as baffling Bachailian. Tell you before we went out and I don't know how many other cubs resign. He was at jokes he. He came to train with us when I was there a reason. It came with us as he said he was. We as cousin and Glenn Hoddle or manager team had played with George Weah Monaco. If my stories correct so he managed to wind grease wins. Glenn Oh yeah. Okay Georgia fever and you come contrary mothers. Annabella what you said as soon as guy trailing fuel will own hero. Something's not right. I'm Glen and St sauced extreme rainfall. Now something right yes. So they got rid of them and somehow managed the family's way down to the south and for some reason some the Decided quite incredible because I saw the guy on the training field and it was like seeing very very Sunday Sunday League football or who be struggling again. It's crazy I'm -solutely crazy over other tremendous. Say and who else stands out view the Winston Bohara. This Guy Chelsea signed from Barcelona but they changed manages. I think had signed and Jerry became the manager the dealer vindamme sort of without even knowing and he just didn't fit in but he was on this contract and forty thousand pounds a week got paying fifty million over four years and he basically just refused to be transferred so he carried on turning up every day during the training never get selected often with the youth theme sometimes trading on his own picking up forty thousand the week. It's like the forgotten man the primarily. This was a fight for the Netherlands in a European championship on the world. Cup as well you went wrong. And he didn't care. Have you been have you been there? Racegoer pronunciation in. What did you call them? They're Winston for Honda. Wasn't it? That's how we yeah? What are you going to say? Was it out. Yeah you can go to Humphry. Us has done more of a told. You obviously maybe provide how you say his name. Not many people have heard of him others oversee more prominent Shevchenko Bury as well sound. You know these wealthy Winston Bogarde played for the Netherlands. Yes I know that Chelsea Addin did they just taking the money now. Meanwhile away from him all the big names as well Ted Chen co-pilot Sallie Mae high profile. Any in particular. Stand out for you Craig. Babies volatilities near you mentioned annoyed..

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