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Of appetite. This is WTO news. Add one 53 an 11 year old is charged with first degree arts and for a huge fire that destroyed a Dollar General store in Carroll county over a week ago. The fire in hampstead was so big, it took firefighters from three counties over an hour to get it under control. No one was hurt. The boy's name is not being released because of his age, he's now in the custody of his parents, state fire marshal, Brian gerais, he says, fire setting by youngsters happens dozens of times a year in the state. Here, just parents and caregivers to keep matches and lighters away from kids and to talk to them about fire danger. An early morning motorcycle crash in la Plata has left his driver dead, Maryland state police here, that happened around four 15 this morning on Maryland route four 88 in the area of Carrick drive. When police got there, the motorcycle was in a ditch, the driver had been thrown off of it 28 year old Anthony Savoy who lived in la Plata was declared dead at the scene, the cause of the crash is still unknown A prince George's county councilman is sharing his ideas on what else is needed to reduce crime in the county is a curfew continues for teens this week. Whatever is happening isn't working. Prince George's county councilman Mel Franklin wants to see more steps taken in the county to reduce crime, especially among young people, even with a new curfew rule for teen 16 and under in the county. I'd really like to see us look at. What are we doing in terms of prosecution and rehabilitation? He's also concerned about the size of the county's police department. We've lost so many officers. And if we need to propose some legislation to the General Assembly to create more accountability here in the county, we should do that. Anneliese Gail WTO news. It's one 55 And we do money news at 25 and 55 here at WTO. Good afternoon, Jeff clay ball. Hello, John dolman. The tali is up 242 points

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