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Console. You'll find them <Speech_Music_Female> for my instagram <Speech_Music_Female> as well <Speech_Music_Female> and then I <Speech_Music_Female> really just. I <Speech_Music_Male> want to thank all <Speech_Music_Female> like <Speech_Music_Female> jains in Houston <Speech_Music_Female> around here. That have been <Speech_Music_Female> so good to me. So <Speech_Music_Female> if you're in the Houston <Speech_Music_Female> area you can find <Speech_Female> me. At Grace <Speech_Female> Gracie Bob Hawke <Speech_Female> Eighty or <Speech_Female> hens dog <Speech_Female> Gracie Houston <Speech_Female> for <SpeakerChange> mainstream <Speech_Female> boxing in wartime. <Speech_Music_Male> Always at one of those <Speech_Music_Female> three places. So <Speech_Music_Female> if you're in the Houston <Speech_Music_Female> area <SpeakerChange> come <Speech_Female> say hi Otherwise <Speech_Female> hit me up on <Speech_Female> twitter or instagram. <Speech_Female> I'm pretty <Speech_Female> a fan-friendly <Speech_Female> is Lauren <Speech_Female> Murphy. Mma <Speech_Female> over social media <Speech_Female> so come say hi. <Speech_Female> Give me <SpeakerChange> a follow <Speech_Music_Female> him. Chat <Speech_Music_Male> <Speech_Music_Male> <Speech_Music_Male> whether you have a case <Speech_Music_Male> anything you want to say or <Speech_Music_Male> Alison. <Speech_Male> I'm sure you'RE GONNA freezing <Speech_Male> Casey Anthony. <Speech_Male> still <Speech_Male> starting hold on. <Speech_Male> I am so sorry <Speech_Male> the most important <Speech_Male> part of this show. <Speech_Male> My interested failed <Speech_Male> me. People <Speech_Male> suffering <SpeakerChange> as someone <Speech_Male> does not want to hear my thoughts <Speech_Male> on cats. <Speech_Music_Male> I won't start talking about more <Speech_Music_Male> because it will probably someone <Speech_Music_Male> internet <Speech_Music_Male> make. They don't WanNa <SpeakerChange> hear this <Speech_Music_Male> Sorry <Speech_Music_Male> go ahead. Jennifer <Speech_Music_Male> Hudson's performance <Speech_Music_Male> and cancel <Speech_Music_Male> Gaba tackler <Speech_Music_Male> <Speech_Music_Male> spectacular <SpeakerChange> performance. <Speech_Music_Male> What <Speech_Music_Male> a way to end it <Speech_Music_Male> this will be on Google <Speech_Male> PODCAST APPLE. Podcast <Speech_Male> spotify <Speech_Music_Male> all that good stuff. <Speech_Music_Male> We'll be <Speech_Music_Male> back on Wednesday <Speech_Male> and then you'll <Speech_Male> see to forty nine <Speech_Music_Male> week is underway. <Speech_Male> Actually <Speech_Male> it's underway right now <Speech_Music_Male> but we'll see <SpeakerChange> on Wednesday <Speech_Music_Male> we're out <Speech_Music_Male> thinking is <Speech_Music_Male> X. Lauren. <Speech_Music_Male> <Speech_Music_Male> <Music> <Music> <Music> <Music> <Music> <Music> <Music> <Music> <Music> <Speech_Music_Male> You're listening to the box media podcast network.

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