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Fairfax county Parkway exit 55 the crash now has two right lanes squeezing by the response on scene once you get past that you were clear toward the beltway traveling on the beltway itself cool between McLean and Alexandria on both loops I 95 shot down on the brakes leaving lord and headed across the aqua Quan down to one 23 then again delays build as you approach dump Reese headed toward Quantico north Ben I 95 you're on the brakes as you leave Route one in Pennsylvania headed toward the rappahannock river once passes Singapore park where you enjoy a better ride toward the Springfield interchange and on the I three 95 No problems when I three 95 You guys are pretty good going up to and across the 14th street bridge We had the memorial bridge the crash there east memorial circle may still be on a police direction for that one top side of the beltway out of loop through Montgomery county The broken down vehicle on the antelope after New Hampshire avenue headed toward university boulevard should be wrapped up and gone with all your travelings available to you traveling in upper Marlboro with southbound route four Pennsylvania avenue after Richie Marlborough road That's where we had the right lane block for the wreck If you're traveling in the district delays eastbound on the freeway to go outbound across the 11th street bridge in northbound on the D.C. two 95 D.C. two 95 south of Pennsylvania avenue the right side is blocked for the work zone Traveling between D.C. and Virginia Beach work or relax while riding in a luxury rocks motor coach onboard attendance boosted Wi-Fi meals and cocktail service daily nonstop service visit ride the rocks dot com travel reimagined I'm rob stallworth WTO traffic Hey thank you so much rob Let's get our forecast now with storm team fours Ryan Miller Continuing to see abnormally hot temperatures across the region throughout the afternoon hours we're in the lower 90s all of us here.

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