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Seven forty five here in london. Let's talk business with asia reporter for bloomberg news nabila ahmed good morning. Avila very good to have you on the program. I'm very well. Thank you Let's begin with your top story from bloomberg. Which is the the the unwillingness or even the ability for americans to say no to working into the sixties. Look this is very much about the how the pandemic continues to false changes. In the way we live and work. We know that more than a million older workers have left the labor market in the us since march last year. I look some people have been rethinking. Their priorities but suddenly retiring earlier than they were expecting is certainly not a voluntary decision. So many but this new study by the new federal reserve shows that people expecting to work past the age of sixty two has dropped to about fifty percent from fifty two percent a year ago. And this is the lowest in study. That's been going on for seven years and people who said they'd likely to be employed at sixty seven has also dropped and interestingly it's adding up to a very dramatic shift in labor market with job growth has been very much dominated by older workers the last two decades and this is people deciding that they've had enough of work or they can afford to retire now. Or what is what is what is behind this. He's a combination so there are certain people who are deciding they've had enough of work depends on. Nick has forced a rethink of their priorities. And given the way that sham could have gone. Some people have experienced. You know a bruce to they wealth and feel that maybe they eat is a good time to retire but stories who are deciding that they need to stay in jobs. Interestingly trying to hold onto their jobs You know we a sort of a more of an iron grip than ever before and i rented banding much higher. Pay to switch. And then you've got those who obeyed simply forced out of the labor market. So tell us a little bit. About what the effect on america's economy will be when you have a faster rapid drop from from the older age age group. Think that's biggest. Benefactor will obviously be younger people who are looking to get into the workforce and this'll be about how the american economy builds up young workers who have so far. I haven't had the same kind of status. Obviously haven't had similar kind of pay but as you see these older workers dropping off and you know younger workers taking this space. Perhaps they don't have the same kind of spending ability that could be one way that the economy would be affected a. Let's move on to another story about The continuing presence of covert in the workplace. Many of us are now doing what we can to move on but still the precautions is still being having to take in many big banking areas and. I wish that we could move on. That would just be such great little deutsche bank which is what we're talking about here. Today was one of the first banks to say. That stuff could work from harm up to three days a week. They talked about adopting this so called hybrid model back in april and really it was one of the mariscal flexible returned to work policies that we saw from the big banks. They said that people could work from harm between forty and sixty percent of the time but in reality what they finding now is that it's left. Many workers feeling isolated. And i can definitely relate to this being out twelfth week of lockdown in sydney the workers are increasingly likely to develop You know health problems due to inadequate for work setups and nearly forty percent of their work is in the. Us have said that they feel exhausted. After four week of zoom kohl's and virtual meetings People still expect to work from harlem to its as a week but officers in the major hubs like london and new york feel quicker and this is not just the way that the wall street is deciding to come back but people having to recognize it. There is there a new realities that needs be gross when people do emerge Luckily from lockton absolutely look work from harm has certainly brought us all new freedoms. It's saving extra cash in commute time etc bought the have been concerned building about mental health and how it hurts or affects inner city businesses. Like local sandwich shop for example And how then you integrate new graduates into new fit into a business and how they interact with their peers. How do they get ahead One group that people have been really worried about being affected by hybrid. Fork is women and you know the theory is that women are more likely to take flexible. Work practices because often they are Caring for young children at harm boss. Does that mean they'll get left behind when it comes to promotions or pay rises so it's a very tricky kind of balance that companies have to work out as as we really do get back into more often noble life nabila. Thank you so much for joining us on monocle. Twenty four finally on today's program. We had to brazil where planned by the bolsonaro government. Walks in of federal buildings have been met with resistance by the country's architects. One of these buildings is the palacio gustavo. Capela nima in ryu modernist icon in the country a monocle. Fernanda augusta pacheco head from the brazilian architect. Carlos eduardo commerce about auction plans. And what he's doing to try to stop it from happening. I think that the first point to make is that the bill on our government has downgraded culture from ministry level to sick grid or yet level. I was housed in newly-created ministry of citizenship and regional development and this was when both on our west's kind of masking is true colors and we head a truce that lasted for one year. And then the senator of the culture was moved to diminish field. Therese where it stands. Now we had an interim president from step for one year because of power struggles between the far-right sections inside the most of our government. Budgetary cuts you know. And we have a new president since a twenty twenty civil seventh with studied juries and the hotel business should has sensibly decided not don't is the board and the staff but culture is expanded for the bonar government an old episode of the ministry of education building sale Justify that i wanna talk specifically about something that perhaps is close to. Your heart is world their plans from the government to auctions Borton beauties for our heritage in general. Why do you think this is happening. Easy just a matter of they want kind of more money with those buildings and nicole disregard as well to those buildings as a the plane for is the government is short of cash. There is an economic causes. Which is the combined result of creep and emigrant's and the dynamic results forget about that dried policies the bone the government needs to fund expensive programs to ball sisters. He's chances of being reelected. They ran a similar auction of government bills. Two years ago without success then the government set the minimum beat now the bias at the beat. You know this is the real problem you know. You realized that this is not the case of few buildings or a fee exceptional buildings. The bolsonaro sonar buys minister of economy and these acolytes. They set up a problem that affects all federal buildings in brazil. Dan not for sale ostensibly by the anyone can be bought. Just make your beat so the situation is kind of more of lettuce even than when you look at it only from the standpoint of heritage those guys they do not distinguish being listed in non released. A public abilities. Legally leased buildings cannot be sold. Only transferred from one branch of the government to another but jurisprudence has shown that the peace can be worked around so there is ariel bender. The points did. There are three classes of public goods in brazil. Natural ones like straight squares of also beaches and the forest reserves Did you have the special buildings that are those administrate that are being used by the administrative service of the government and those are the ones that cannot be sold but then you have another category were as being shown that even wet least because of the demand sufficient that builds can be. Actually you know transfer to private enterprise. So there's a real danger. As i said it's the kind of situation where the age is not for sale but any building in the still of the night. I mean you know because there is actually known ways of how real the public money toward these offers than whether they are accepted the art not now so this is the point. Let's go through to know. Why are those buildings. Were talking about why they're so important. For example one of the main ones of course is the name which is an icon for brazilian modernism. Modernist architecture rights. Well actually. it's not only hike. On from brazil's bothers for worldwide. Mothers is the the building was designed. Process is started in the nineteen thirty. Seek seeing the as government in it to ninety s to complete it was a unique In nineteen forty five but actually it was already completed Biding forty three. So that's when you have these in january forty three when you have these blockbuster exhibition at the museum of modern knocking york and west gaul brazil builds a new and old though and the ministry was one of the stars of the show along with.

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