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Among Americans aged sixty five and older is growing fast rising from eighteen percent in twenty thirteen to fifty three percent of them this year and with a program in New York City that number could grow and cadet columnist at the Wall Street journal has a look at a new tutoring program technology coaching which provides at home visits to seniors who want help mastering their smartphones and some of the instruction is simply just push the buttons what I do I like that they use that phrase for the headlines of push the buttons I met up with a couple of seniors in Manhattan who think any thing lessons on how to use their smartphones one of them was in the late nineties and she had been for a couple years ago and he was really afraid to use it and she met for about four five weeks with a volunteer with the program call tomorrow and this very kind cool millennial financial advisor type lady came by her apartment gave their lessons and finally to figure out like what you do with a smartphone if you don't know what to do she said you just keep pushing the buttons and something will happen keep pushing the button but see it really that the lesson really kind of help her get over her fear that she would you know somehow the person or from she pressed the wrong button while still at how long generally does it take for these volunteers to say train somebody who doesn't know what they're doing with the smartphone for about four weeks and they'll come by the senior department once a week and it's done in the senior comparable and people are super old and really hard for them to get out of get out of the house so that he will come by the mountains are all trained and they come out with options would come by these days right wow like very clear step by step instructions on how to do things like set up a contact list work had a Texan body and they go over it pretty slowly with these I think everyone to be these lessons frankly sure and in some cases the volunteers and the thing is really hit it off so they're continuing to meet us because they have so much fun together while we're speaking with and get that Wall Street journal columnist she's written a piece entitled just push the buttons seniors get smartphone lessons and it's about a non profit that's helping seniors manage their smartphones as all start by the way in addition I'm hoping I'm pronouncing the name correct but it's the road P. O. R. O. T. they're based in Manhattan around for since the seventies and the they have a program where they they have thousands of volunteers who help seniors in Manhattan in Westchester with things like going shopping or you know paying the bills and things like that and one of the programs they've had for quite awhile and kind of emergency services programmer for seniors having trouble with their wifi or their computers frozen still some someone over there to help them figure out which is something else that we could all use and they found that a lot of times when they got to the seniors the senior would have like thirty more questions about everything from their laptop to their iPad you know how do you turn the oven on but the thing that they had the most questions about with typically their cell phone are their smartphones a number of people aged sixty five and older who have a smart phone Rome from something like eighteen percent and twenty thirteen to fifty three percent now and get that columnist at the Wall Street journal coming up next what happened to talk of a recession thirty minutes after the hour on this morning America's first news when your time is three thirty over two million pounds of chicken is being recalled after fears they could contain pieces of metal the department of agriculture says the chicken came from Simmons prepared foods it was distributed to a number of states across the country president trump held an unusual Republicans only celebration at the White House yesterday ABC sandy feel president from the White House celebrating the record number of judges the Senate confirmed and remembering his unusual relationship with senator Lindsey Graham we attack during the campaign it was a pretty bad one for a little while right during that campaign Graham called the president crazy and unfit for office he's now one of Mr trump's biggest supporters after I got to be like a dog which he likes hearing he called me over the White House and said I'd like you to help me as I love to help you be a great president Andy field ABC news Washington our next update at four I'm Daniel shelling came away eight fifty AM and ninety four one FM the voice of Colorado.

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